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Monday, June 11, 2012


We have been trying to "tidy up" and clean before my Uncles come to visit. One of the area's in my house that is always a redhot mess is my pantry- not sure why it refuses to stay organized, but I have pretty much thrown in the towel.. When it gets to be too messy I plead and beg and bribe anyone in the house to tidy it for me! Before my Uncles get here it was past due for a clean out.. I was moaning and groaning about having to clean it out all Saturday... Yesterday I was having my coffee, and Abby and I were chatting and finally she could not resist and told me to look in the Pantry- it was well organized and tidy! What an amazing treat! Even better was that Abby was beyond tickled with herself. She said she woke up at 2am ready to go and decided to try to organize the pantry as a gift to me.. It wasn't that she had managed to clean the pantry that she was tickled about, or surprising me.. it was that she was able to tidy the pantry and she wasn't wiped out from it!

Last year before she got so sick she did it once and absolutely wiped her out.. for her to be able to do it and not be tired means not only have we turned back the clock by a year, but her stamina is improving!

I thought about her joy at being able to do a chore all day yesterday- her energy is so bad we wash her hair, put her clothes away, put away her towel and toiletries after she showers, make her bed etc. Abby for the last year is lucky to feel "energetic" enough to willingly leave the house every couple weeks.

Her cleaning the pantry is a HUGE milestone in "project elimination".

Mito has made us appreciate these little things as we did when she was a baby- when she took her first steps, smiled, rolled over..

Earlier this week when I feed her quinoa and a few days later she was throwing them up, I was in a panic! All I could think was Oh NO! Not again! I was so happy that she recovered from that in a matter of days and then to celebrate the milestone of pantry cleaning stamina- well that just tops the cake!

I might just mark that on the calendar!


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