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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Your DNA doesn't matter...

as much as "perception".

I think I have admitted here before, I am a total science flunky- I have to work incredibly hard to follow the biology you must learn to understand mitochondrial disease and despite my efforts at educating myself I am still struggling with a number of the concepts..

It doesn't help that the minute anyone says Math,Science, Biology,Chemistry- I can actually visualize a giant lead door in my brain swinging shut at lightning speed!

I got an email from MTHFR.net yesterday. I have started to "wade" into the world of MTHRF but have not taken the plunge yet, I guess I am waiting for something to click and propel me into "wanting" to learn more.. When I get an update email from the site I always go hoping, that whatever update that pops up with ignite a passion to throw myself into that path. What met me yesterday was a video by Dr. Lipton.

If Dr. Lipton had been my first science Teacher, I would have become a hopeless addict to all things science.

This is a very lengthy video. But, about halfway through something very important becomes clear, our DNA doesn't dictate what occurs in our body, but our "perceptions" do. Basically, he explains that in the lab they have removed the nucleus from a single cell and the cell continues it's normal span - if the nucleus is the brain, how can the cell continue? He explains how the media "misunderstood" the process years ago, and now many of us believe our DNA dictates what happens in our body, when it doesn't.

I admit, I wanted to turn the video off a few times, but before I knew it, I was sucked in- he is a captivating speaker to say the least. The best part is I feel like my biology foundation has finally been laid properly.

He appears to have a number of video's on youtube- I plan to watch them as my anti-science brain tolerates!

This is the one though I recommend you watch first-

Dr. Lipton-The New Biology-Where Mind and Matter Meet.


Jenna said...

Very interesting. I will have to watch him.

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