WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Corn-free food list..

Usually after I rant for awhile about EVERYTHING being corn contaminated, folks ask "so what does she eat?"

There are products that are made that are safe for corn allergy folks. This list is one that the Ladies on my corn allergy group helped me put together. Last week when I went into the Granary health food shop in Conroe the owner asked what other brands of food would be safe for corn allergy sufferers. She has had a few folks come in looking for safe food. Can you say love this store? They are passionate about safe foods and meeting the needs of their customers.

Corn-free is always described in levels and the minute amounts hidden in products may or may not aggravate one while corns the next! This list of products have been generally accepted as safe by most. However, I always warn, read the label, test out new foods for sensitivities- what works for some may not be safe for you! There are a few terrific corn free blogs out there, if you search "corn-free" they will come up for you. Warning again, what is safe for some isn't always safe for the next. For example, some folks do fine with Heinz apple cider vinegar- Abby and many others do not. We only use Braggs.

Abby can eat a few of these, but some have soy,dairy,safflower,sunflower, gluten etc.
Her current favorite on this list are the Reed's ginger chew's candy- they are yummy!Reeds has a peanut butter one that is loved, but Abby cannot have that one- so if you aren't a huge ginger fan, try the peanut butter ginger chews. :-) We also are huge fans of King Soba noodles(HEB does a good job of stocking these)

Simply Organic spices
FYI: There are NO safe vanilla extracts- or any extracts-Vanilla bean in Potato vodka- make your own.

Planet Tuna no sodium

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil(flour and flakes are completely corn safe for the most sensitive, but not a very long shelf life)

Allergen fabric face masks- Breath Healthy Brand(corn can cause instant asthma and migraines in some(Abby owns a couple of these)

King Soba brand noodles-Organic Black Rice, Organic buckwheat and sweet potato-

Libby's pure pumpkin
Reeds Ginger candies- both original and the Peanut butter blend.
Spectrum palm shortening
Twin Labs Allergy plus C-
Twin Labs Quercetin plus C
Pomona's Universal Pectin-
Cento Crushed Tomato's-
Bionatura regular pasta-
Nature's Tears Eyemist- \
Kiss my Face Olive oil bar soap-
Charlie Soap

Lundberg Rice(Avoid foods that have been enriched or fortified- all corn contaminated Lundberg is one of the few that is nearly universally safe.)
(Believe it or not, Walmart does a great job of stocking Lundberg brand, but HEB doesn't)
Rice Dream Original-has a bit of gluten though
Blue Mountain Country Coconut Milk
thai kitchens
Vitaspelt Pasta
Maine Root Soda's-

Edwards and Sons Rice snack crackers

There are many other safe items and I am working on a list of what to be cautious about.. like fruit and veggie peels and skins which are sprayed with wax which is corn derived.. or anything that says it is Enriched or Fortified- those are always corn contaminated... endless list!

Trying to find pre made food that is safe for Abby's multiple allergies has been a challenge, but eliminating corn truly has been key because her top 8 allergens are clearly listed generally, where they do not list corn if it might be contaminated through production, packaging etc.

One of the best things about going allergy free? Her dysautonomia symptoms are nearly gone! Lately if she has a flare of that set of symptoms, odds are she has recently been "corned" :-)


Circus of 6 said...

This makes me think of the documentary Food Inc, where it is revealed that corn is in almost everything we eat and bountiful other products we do not readily know about. :(
As always, I am proud of you and Abby and I am so glad she is improving. :)

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