WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Do you eliminate allergens from the whole family?

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I was asked the other day if we eat what Abby eats.

We do eat some of what she eats, like Hain's baking powder or Imperial brand sugar.. we don't buy corn and we don't eat it intentionally.

Abby's diet is so restricted because of her unique needs it is not the ideal diet for anyone but her. So, no we don't eat just what Abby eats.

You will find lots of food items in our house that Abby cannot eat. Probably a few items we really should not eat either, but with Sara and Derek and I not nearly as restricted it has been harder to give up a few things.

Some of the items we have all gladly adopted are; Spectrum palm shortening(I have had issues with tropicals in the past but think it was avocado contamination, I am fine with this.), fresh organic lemons and limes instead of bottled juices,organic and local produce, raw local honey, Lundberg rice, coconut milk(thai kitchen) but you will still find dairy in the fridge for us, pink himalayan salt, coconut oil(Sara has a recipe for chocolate chip cookies made with coconut oil that are to die for!)

We don't buy boxed foods like boxed flavored rices, or meals. You won't find any cold cereals(have you read the ingredients on even shredded wheat?) When we buy canned foods we have made an effort to stick to brands that minimize chemicals. We are slowly replacing our spices with Simply organic spices, they are good and safe for Abby.

I admit I have a few items I cannot give up-yet. Diet Rite- I am addicted. I know it is bad probably really bad but it is one of my many addictions. Sugar free pudding mixes- which are close to toxic when you read the ingredients..but I am admittedly a sugar addict and in order to control my weight I have resorted to evil artificial treats now and then. No one else eats these, they do not tolerate artificial sugars so just my bad! :-) I have adopted C&H stevia and sugar blend for my sugar needs and I do like it and it cooks better- but have not given up those couple really bad pantry items yet...Derek, Sara and I are also skinny bread addicts- I dare not read the ingredients I know they are terrible, but for 35 calories a slice we just cannot resist. Lastly, we seem to always have a container of skim Calorie Countdown milk in the fridge(gotta have something toxic to mix with my toxic pudding!)I cannot bring myself to read the ingredients - anything that keeps in the fridge for a couple months is promised to be horrid for us!

Derek has a thing for bacon, lunch cuts, and those you will find in our house. We have however tried to be more aware. We try to buy brands like Applegate that though aren't necessarily healthy are a much better option then other brands.

We all appreciate free range grain free meats- they just taste so much better and sit better! But you will still find some store bought ground turkey, store bought grain fed beef etc in our fridge for Derek,Sara and I- we have tried to convert slowly but surely to grain-free meats as our budget and access allows. Abby only eats chicken so the rest of the meats aren't important to her, but we are finding that soon we won't be buying grain fed any longer. We all love local free range grain free eggs- sometimes they are harder to find so we will buy the next best options for Derek,Sara and I and save the "safe" eggs for Abby- despite her testing positive for an egg allergy, she does really well with eggs right now and they offer gobs of terrific nutrition for her.

When we stop by Gramen Farm we do buy raw goat and dairy- if you are going to take in that many calories I feel strongly they should be as healthy as possible, and I firmly believe raw milk is the best way to go when you can.

Abby has been a terrific influence on the rest of us. From trying millet to using Ghee and throwing out canola, margarine's and a lot of other really bad foods the rest of us have begun cleaning up our diets too. Things like Ghee and cherries aren't even things Abby can have, but we have adopted them because they are healthier and taste amazing! We all find ourselves munching on fresh berries or cherries, or craving blackstrap molasses, gluten free figgy cookies. We have a very long way to go, but this weekend when I cleaned out my pantry I had a tremendous sense of pride that for the most part I actually had read every label on every item. I knew how to cook the millet, the rice flour and other new foods I have stashed. It really makes me want to make a bigger effort to fuel our bodies as well as we have been fueling Abby's. Each of us have our own allergies and foods we don't like or cannot tolerate so it hasn't been easy.

Will I still eat at say, McD's? For a treat I just might. I know Derek does eat out often and Sara gladly does when the opportunity arises- their bodies their choice. Even they though are trying to make better choices on how often they eat out and where they eat out. The thing is, after learning about how badly the processed foods are destroying us,and literally watching Abby heal once we removed them, I really don't want to eat that stuff, at least not very often. If I want greasy fries I can make them at home. If I want a fatty,sugar packed cake, I can use non-toxic ingredients, that though aren't good to eat all the time are certainly tons healthier then store bought pizza, burgers and Twinkies. I admit, I still want to binge on that rack of hostess when I see it, or those candy bars at the checkout still beckon me even knowing how full of chemicals they are! Not sure I am ready to part with my skinny bread and sugar-free pudding but getting closer everyday.


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