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Saturday, July 21, 2012

HEMP Butter Allergy

FAILED- and failed big!

We know now that both she and I are at least deathly allergic to the Manitoba brand HEMP Butter-

But, I can give a quick review-

It is green- like a seaweed green. Not a horrid thing, but don't expect a "seed" or "nut" butter as far as the color goes.

The flavor is unique- not bad. Like not quite ripe sunflower seeds, or sunflower seeds before roasting. Slight pistachio undertones. This had no sweetener or salt which made the bitter after tone stand out more then it would with a bit of salt or sugar(yes sugar!). I actually really enjoyed the flavor and if I dressed up the Hemp a bit like you would peanut butter I could totally imagine using this frequently- for a minute I could just imagine how yummy it would be for a "Hemp butter" and Honey sandwich..

The texture was spot on for a nice rich nut butter though- It has the potential to be used like peanut butter in baking and recipes. It would be a terrific add in taste wise and nutritionally to a green smoothie..

A HUGE shame that we reacted so terribly- and I mean almost the ER- a hair away from the EPI pen for me!

I have written the company. Based on what I have read(a lot) this is supposed to something that almost never causes allergies, in fact some of the literature indicates no serious allergies have been reported- Ha! Reported one now! LOL The only thing I react that badly to is avocado- so curious if the company responds that there is the possibility it was contaminated with one of our many allergies. The company has a good reputation though- so thinking it was just the HEMP. I wonder though if this was more raw meaning we would both be far more cross reactive to it, we can often get away with eating something once it has been cooked. Still, the reaction was way stronger then any we have had from a cross reaction..

We tried Hemp Milk last year- did not like the flavor but do not remember reacting at all to it. I have eaten it a few times this past year, without reaction though in small amounts or maybe I was already having a day and just did not notice the extra irritant. IT has been since before project elimination that I had eaten it last, so maybe we are both just hyper sensitive right now.

Abby reacted very badly, not as badly as I though.

Usually with an expensive item I feed it to Derek and Sara, but this was such a bad reaction we tossed it and half tempted to toss everything else with hemp rather then give it another chance. :-)

Gotta stick to it- I will trial the other hemp items. Odds are since I actually reacted worse then Abby, that if the rest of the brands don't bother me, she stand a chance. Not sure I will be up to it this weekend though! Thinking I will have taken allergy meds before I try another sampling!


Circus of 6 said...

I have never tried hemp butter, just hemp milk. Hemp milk is one of my favorite substitute "milks". My gosh, just can't take you ladies anywhere can we? ;)

Diane said...

I tell ya! We don't eat out! LOl I went out to eat with my Uncles when they were visiting and was in panic the whole time that I was going to get avocado in my food(EPI TIME!) Felt like I had jumped from a plane by the time we were done eating and I did not have a reaction! LOL Abby- well, poor kid has given up trying to find any place to go out- last time she ate out which we thought was clean we think was full of MSG- that set her back, she said she just doesn't mind anymore because it wasn't worth feeling so awful! LOL Love have a practical daughter!

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