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Friday, July 6, 2012

Breath Healthy Mask

I am sitting having my coffee, and thinking about Abby.

Yesterday was terrific! She had the energy to shower, dress, shampoo her own hair and brush it out- and she did not need her shower chair!

This morning she is boiling eggs for herself. I am really still pinching myself that she is doing well. The fact that not only is she able to digest the whole egg now, but have the stamina to boil them for herself is simply bordering on a miracle compared to where we were at in January. Life is really good today. Abby's major symptom has always been her extreme fatigue and muscle tone- to know that they have improved enough that on good days she shocks us makes project elimination a huge success.

This week we finally broke down and bought a good reusable mask for Abby. The brand Breath Healthy was recommended by someone on the corn allergy board. Frankly, we have always been very judgmental about those "weird" people who use masks. We have all seen pictures of Japanese and chinese running around with masks on and it has always come across as over the top to us.

What we are finding is that as Abby feels better she wants to get out of the house, but the movies makes her sick because of the corn in the air, the clothing stores make her sick because of the sizing, bookstores make her sick. Every time we take her out it triggers a flare. The grocery store is off limits(instant attack). Going to the Dr. means an instant virus or allergies to folks perfumes and their pets on their clothes, etc. So we are trying the mask. Abby says she is game- she says leaving the house sends her right back into a flare and if a mask will let her leave the house without flaring, she is more then willing to give it a try.

Fingers crossed it will help. Worth a shot right? If it works it will open the door to Abby being able to get out more as she heals.

Our thoughts are, if it lets her go back to the movies it is so worth it!


Circus of 6 said...

I am super, super excited she was able to do all that in one day!! Yeah for Abby!!! I hope the masks help. My grandma always had to have a hanky over her mouth when she went into stores, she could not handle the smells. Her favorite store was the Hallmark Store but it liked to kill her. Maybe you could bedazzle Abbys masks. If I could bedazzle everything pink, I SO would!!! :)

Jenna said...

I really hope that it helps her and she is able to get out more. What design did you get? I am surprised there is not a more girly design. I am sure there will be weird looks at times, but I am sure at this point you and Abby are used to it. I know I am.

Diane said...

We ordered a daisy print, they are her favorite flower right now :-) If they work, I will be ordering all sorts I guess as she will want them to coordinate with what she wears- I can see masks stacked everywhere now! LOL

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