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Sunday, July 15, 2012

National Ice Cream Day-Skinny Lemon Sherbet

Yikes- I wasn't going to post much today, but I heard on the news that today was National Ice Cream Day!

Some of you may know that at the same time we started Project Elimination for Abby, I started Project "Drop half of me!" :-) My one battle with food has been sugar. I have weaned off of sugar before but tend to run right for fat and salt and that isn't any better! Plus, in my family sugar is medicinal- really- no joking! Granulated sugar 2 inches thick on real butter slathered on a piece of thick hot fresh white yeast bread can get me moving off the couch in the worst pain flare!! LOL

40 years of sugar( My Gram would give me liquid jello in a bottle- no joke!)and I have decided the best way to combat the addiction is to trick my body. Many of my recipes are dangerous for Abby but life savers for me! So I make a lot of ice cream to individualize for everyone, but I don't mind at all!

The other Day I was reading the latest Hungry Girl newsletter(love her! Thank you Wendy for telling me about her years ago!)and she recommended Arctic Zero ice cream.. 150 calories per pint.. How could I resist? I spent the ungodly 6 bucks on a pint.. counted my calories and reserved 150 to eat that whole pint! I was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning all day knowing I was going to get such a terrific treat!

I grabbed a bowl(diet rule, never eat out of any container!)and put a big mouthful in..... and SPIT IT OUT! First time EVER I have spit out ice cream- I like cheap ice cream, sorbets, frozen yogurt, even if it is cheap and generic I just love the frozen sweet stuff.. I threw it out- I think the fact that I threw out a pint(it was the chocolate peanut butter for anyone thinking about trying it)was more of a shock then if pigs started flying!

A few weeks ago I snagged a brand new countertop compressor ice cream maker for 30 bucks!(usually a couple hundred)At my favorite consignment shop. I have joyously been making coconut milk ice creams for Abby, lemon custard for Derek, rocky road for Sara but never thought to create a skinny cream for me! Here is my favorite so far-

Skinny lemon sherbet-
1 box sugarfree jello lemon pudding
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
1-2 teaspoons lemon extract(I wanted it SUPER tangy!)
Splenda or truvia to taste( I used A LOT!)
1 3/4 cup water(yep plain zero calorie water, want it richer? Carb countdown skim milk 35 calories a serving!)
2 Tablespoons powdered egg white(found it on clearance and love the stuff!)

Mix it,taste it(as long as it isn't too thick anything goes!) and chill for 30. Chilling makes sure it doesn't thicken too much for the ice cream maker(mine will tolerate a pudding texture) if it is too thick thin it out a bit with cold water or milk.

Throw it in the ice cream maker- good soft serve out of the machine, or the next day frozen hard like sherbet. The freezing and egg whites seem to mellow the acrid taste of fake sugar. Keep in mind freezing will mellow flavors so if you want it very lemon adjust to increase lemon juice or extract. I was trying for a very sweet tart type - and I got it!

Under 200 calories for the whole batch! and unlike Arctic Zero- this tastes good!

Try it with sugarfree chocolate pudding, a couple tablespoons extra cocoa powder and sugar substitute to taste(I used carb countdown skim milk with the chocolate.) I also used a bit of vanilla extract to richen it up!

Next I am going to make peanut butter skinny ice cream- sugarfree vanilla pudding, PB2 peanut butter powder.. I can taste it already!

Happy National Ice Cream Day!


Jenna said...

I think one of the great things about making it yourself is you can take out the food coloring, well kind of, the jello has food coloring. I am very anti food coloring. I don't understand why in america everything has food coloring. I can't even find a pickle or a relish with out it. WHY I ask, WHY is there food coloring in pickles?

Diane said...

This recipe is just for me :-) Abby cannot have any packaged foods- because of the colors,chemcials, corn,dairy,soy, etc. The jello pudding is packed full of bad stuff! But right now my waist line is my main focus - some chemicals every few weeks is still better then what we ate before :-)

You are right! Even pickles have found coloring! and CORN! So we make our own pickles when she is in the mood- fridge pickles very easy and they keep for a few days.

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