WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Project Elimination

We have come a long way since we started this a few months ago.

At this point we are adding as much as we are eliminating.

The NO list- dairy,corn,nuts,shellfish,spinach,tomato,kale,quinoa,turmeric,cinnamon,pumpkin,soy,sorghum,celery, chocolate,gluten,oats,lettuce(gets stuck),no food colorings, nothing "enriched" and nothing "fortified",banana's,goat milk, no preservatives, NO MSG,cherries,apricots, ....and a few others,,

That gives you an idea- we make everything from scratch now. Believe it or not, we still have found quite a bit for her to eat! :-)

1) low fiber.
2) low fat(over 10 grams she flares)
3) reduced sodium(kidneys)
4) add protein when possible.
5) must make it past Abby's taste buds!

Corn still continues to be our biggest obstacle. We spend a great deal of time hunting down products that are corn free(no obvious corn no corn contamination, and no corn derived ingredients).

Hand's down Abby's favorite food is chicken noodle soup. Homemade chicken stock, fresh basil, parsley, tons of carrots, sometimes onion and black rice noodles-with a big slic of homemade gluten free bread(no butter or spread, they all have either corn,sunflower,dairy,soy).

Rice is another staple as are the farm eggs that the chickens have not been given any grain(they eat bugs and whatever they find on the farm)

Sugar is safe too! Which is a very good thing!

Last week after writing the company we decided to go ahead and order some of the PURE wraps- from Improv'eat. When I wrote them they were terrific and sent me the information I needed to decide if they were safe enough for Abby to try.. We are so excited to add these into the meal planning! I suppose I could make some sort of rice tortilla that would be safe, but since I already make her bread,stocks etc- I am thrilled to find a safe packaged food!

The question is, is all this effort helping Abby?

Yes. We noticed if she gets "corned" she slides downhill fast. We have also found some new allergies that were probably hidden by the big ones like the corn or dairy.

Thankfully, her hair has stopped falling out. Her nails are all growing. She is brushing her own hair out again, and had the spunk to wash her own hair last week. She moves around the house so much more.. she is helping with food preparations, and even tidies up a bit after herself.. Of course, some days are better and some are worse- but compared to where we were in January? A world of improvement.

I think from this point forward we aren't going to see huge overnight gains, but much smaller less obvious improvements.

We are all healthier because of project elimination. I know now that commercially prepared food should all be questioned. That fastfood and most restaurant food is loaded with MSG, artificial flavors and enhancers and lots of hidden and surprising ingredients.. just because it is "organic" doesn't mean it is safe...safer maybe, but you still need to know where your food came from and what they have done to it..

I am still not sure about the Mitochondrial Depletion..I mean I accept it is there, but I am still leaning toward it being secondary to "something.". The myopathy part of it has been there since the beginning that I accept. Feeding Abby clean fuel does help her mitochondria perform better- that is enough to continue learning more about our food.

We are still beating around the bush about setting appointments to haul her off to the East Coast for mast cell Drs.- At the end of the day, we are doing the necessary changes. Traveling sets her back, just going to the movies sets her back it takes so much energy and the allergy exposure really gets her. We are working on finding the right compound pharmacy that can manage some basics for Abby that are prepared without fillers she is allergic to-easier said then done.

I have started reading all the chemicals in the house and removing what I can. No easy task. Our environments seem like they have become so polluted. I cannot remove everything! But, we are trying to make better and safer choices.

As we work through Project Elimination I am learning we can protect her mitochondria a lot more then we were. Clear and huge improvements, but living clean isn't a cure. I have to find a balance. We are learning to use her sensitivities to our favor.. many of our foods go far beyond calories and vitamins in what they do for our bodies- it is the best "medicine" we have found for Abby this far.

Still confident I am not going to join a commune, nor start collecting recyclables from my neighbors..but I have a much deeper appreciation for those who have taken the time to understand that we are what we eat. Out of all of the folks who have shared information with us to help Abby, it is my "natural" and "alternative" friends whose suggestions have helped the most. I give them credit for the healing we have seen this last six months.


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