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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PURE Wraps Review

We finally opened the PURE wraps(100 percent coconut raw)

Someone on my corn allergy groups had reacted to these so we have hesitated. IF there is contamination we think it comes from the paper they laid them on in the package- so our solution was to throw out the 1 wrap that was touching the paper( in the future someone else in the house will eat that one!)

We nibbled on the edge of one to see what we were getting into. These really aren't going to rock your world for flavor or texture, but they aren't bad at all either. Somewhere between a springroll wrapper and a very smooth even piece of fruit leather. A slight coconut flavor. They are thinner then we thought they would be.. I wonder about whether they could hold up to something sharper in a filling like a piece of celery- I would worry it might rip- but at the same time they seem very flexible so they might hold up fine. Abby is thinking her first wrap will be egg salad with my homemade mayo- no worries about celery as she is allergic to that too! :-)

Neither of us was in the mood for a "wrap" so we decided we would try frying one. We cut it into tortilla chip sized triangles and fried in a bit of coconut oil. First- the smell is AMAZING when you fry! Second- they fry super super fast! Like 5 seconds or less on each side so you have to be fast! Third- do not make these on a diet- they are delicious and delicate! A lovely crunch! Being gluten free and mostly fat free and dairy free etc Abby almost never gets her hands on anything that has a nice crunch! Abby avoids cinnamon so we sprinkled with a touch of sugar. She popped a couple into the top of her bowl of coconut ice cream(plain so needed a little something!) HEAVENLY!!!

I just know these will be amazing sprinkled with some pink himalayan salt and maybe some dried herbs? The sugar did not stick very well as they are sooo smooth in texture- so next round maybe I will brush with water and sprinkle and then bake them to a crisp- my mouth is watering already! To have a chip in the house that would be low calorie, not contaminated, salty and low fat- well that is almost too good to be true!

Another idea we are planning on is to line muffin tins with these and bake them- great little crunchy vessels to hold all sorts of fillings!

These are expensive and we have to order so I don't see us having them too often- hoping if they pick up in popularity they will be stocked locally and the price will come down to something we can actually afford.

Curious? Here is the link- Improv eat PURE Coconut wraps


Jenna said...

I am so glad that they worked out for you guys and Abby is able to have them. I would really miss crispy if I couldn't have it. It is so nice to hear she didn't have a reaction to it.
Matt doesn't have food allergies, but if he did you blog and expertise would be invaluable. Thanks for putting it out there.

Diane said...

The allergies are mixed blessing in our Mito world- it is a huge pain and challenge to try to find food that even comes close to stabilizing her nutrition- but I am grateful she and I have some part of the mito that we can attempt to control...
Hope Matt is doing better- you guys have been on my mind.

Betsy said...

I have these sitting in my pantry right now, but have not gotten up the nerve to use them. I am going to fry one up this afternoon. I know my kids will be thrilled!

Diane said...

Betsy, keep an eye on the oil temp and be prepared to flip and pull them out fast! They fry sooooo fast! Maybe it was that I did them in coconut oil, but I think they just cook super fast! Hope your bunch enjoy them as much as we do!

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