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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Skinny Cherry Smoothie

This is one of the things I like to make with my stash of sugar-free pudding(I know it is full of chemicals...)and just crave it! Also,it is only mine! Kind of nice having my very own treat that I don't have to share :-)

In my freezer you will find bags of frozen berries, frozen cherries, frozen peaches and frozen sugar-free vanilla pudding cubes! Frozen berries and fruit have the advantage of being flash frozen at their peak of ripeness, and are usually packed with incredible flavor. Unfortunately,it is still difficult to find frozen fruit and berries that are clean of preservatives or other add-ins. When I find them I stock up. I also freeze fresh for Abby when I land a good deal or have excess. Home freezers don't "flash" freeze but good enough!

You could freeze fat free buttermilk, or fat free coffee creamer, or skim milk,or greek yogurt but I like the added flavor of the sugar-free vanilla pudding(I admit, I like the added SWEETNESS!). I make the vanilla pudding following the "pie directions" on the box. I use Calorie Countdown Skim milk(35 calories a cup) sometimes mix part water. I have a couple ice cube trays and usually let them freeze overnight. I then simply pop them out and keep them in a ziplock with the frozen fruit.

Frozen pitted bing cherries
frozen sugar-free vanilla pudding cubes
C&H stevia and Sugar blend, or Equal(I like my treats very SWEET!)
a dash of almond extract(from Sara's stash!)
some cold water or cold milk or cold juice of your choice.

I have been using the new Ninja single serve, and have been so impressed. It blends this up in a heartbeat. I like mine as thick as possible, and have been know to pop it in the freezer for 30-60 minutes to get it to the edge of hard frozen.(so not really a smoothie, more frostie or softserve! Not cold enough if I don't get a brain freeze trying to wolf it down! LOL) Though the Ninja really tolerates close to no extra fluids and still chews through it.

This would probably be terrific with whole raw milk and real sugar or honey if you are keeping it cleaner. Maybe topped with some granola? I was even think some Kefir would make it a wicked rich and healthier snack- a nice tang to it! Abby doesn't do cherries or dairy or chemicals-but this would work great with frozen peaches and frozen coconut milk cubes. Today though was about me exceeding my calorie allowance in the least damaging way! LOL


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