WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Granary.

If you live in Houston, or the North side(for the Conroe location)or in Texas near any of the locations below and are disappointed with the safe foods available to you, I recommend you check out the Granary.

Organic "Natural" Whole Foods

Open Monday-Friday 10am to 7pm
The price value leader of the world for quality health food products
10 family owned stores in Texas


1210 S. Frazier St. Conroe Texas 936-242-6873 (This is the one I shop)

4411 South St. Nacogdoches, TX

Texarkana,New Braunfels, Tyler,Longview,Lindale,Dallas,Plano,Mesquite.

I don't know if all the stores are the same but our Conroe location is the BEST! Because of Abby's multiple allergies we have been horribly disappointed with Whole foods and Trader Joe's. The few products that would be safe for Abby are priced outrageously! So I was buying online. Then I found the Granary. The Conroe location has a tremendous selection of foods, a great sale rack, and very knowledgable staff and every supplement or vitamin you could possibly dream of... If they don't have what you need, ask, odds are they will get it for you.

Over the last year we have spent every weekend driving all over Houston and further to pick up foods for Abby and doing a lot of online ordering. One HEB might have the noodles we need but 5 other's won't. One Kroger will carry the oil we need, but it might be cheaper to order online. Feeding Abby has consumed a tremendous amount of our time.

The Granary is making my life easier and Abby's food safer. What drove me to post this boast about the Granary is that they actually asked me about what Abby can eat, so that when they see new products they can let us know they found something! Well HELLO! That is more care and concern and help then we have received from anyone since starting this project elimination( with the exception of my groups on facebook who hands down are number 1 though!) They also asked about what products are safe for folks with corn allergies. Apparently, they have had new customers coming in who have corn allergies and are struggling to find safe food. The Granary wants to be able to help these customers find the foods that are safest for them.

Seriously- When do you ever get customer service like that? Not to mention, terrific pricing? A few of the items I can get for the same price online or other stores and might even get a few a tiny bit cheaper. The amount of time they save me by having so many clean foods created by companies who are trying to fill the need in this part of the food market saves me a tremendous amount of time or money. My savings overall have been terrific! Not to mention they are very informed and know their products inside and out. Have you ever tried to ask the HEB about whether their organic veggie's are wax coated? I can tell you right now, don't bother! LOL

Not sure you want to make the drive without knowing if they have what you want? Give them a call. They are more then glad to check and see if they have what you need to make the trip worth it.

We now hit the farmers markets on Friday evening and/or Sat morning. We zip to the Granary every other week. Then we can find everything else at HEB, Kroger or the dreaded Walmart! We can rotate and stock up and have cut our shopping in half!

It hasn't been easy. Driving, researching, more expensive, learning to cook new foods, but this morning when Abby had already showered by the time I got up- has made the effort more then worth it! We are finding it is getting easier and now that we are familiar it doesn't take us anymore time to cook and buy safe and natural and chemical free foods for Abby then it did when we ate commercially packaged. It has actually turned out to save us money; No meds, no constant trips to the Dr, no constant lab work co-pays, no wasted products because of reactions..

I am still trying to figure out which triggers which, do the allergies trigger the dysautonomia and depletion? Could be, malnutrition can cause all sorts of wicked diseases. We know American's are suffering from what is being called the nutrition deficit, we know that often people feel better when they quit the "western diet" aka Wonder bread diet and start eating foods that actually are good fuel .. but after a lifetime of thinking the natural food movement was something that crazy hippies cooked up it is still hard to believe.. Could the mito cause the allergies and all the other dysautonomia and immune issues? Yep it could and it does in some patients.. Everything is connected and I guess if removing the bad foods is making her better, does it really matter? I may have to make a written apology to all the healthy crunchy folks who I ignored and blew off, but if Abby continues to feel better I might be tempted to take out an ad in the paper- an apology would be a very small price for good health. Jury is still out, Abby has a long road ahead. I still am pretty tickled with helping her feel well enough to be able to shower and wash her own hair again.. to help her find food that doesn't hurt her to eat... if this is as far as it goes I am content, but I am getting hopeful the improvements will continue.


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