WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bean Flour

(Want the recipe for these green pea chocolate chippers? Visit this LINK.)

Some bean flours we are either working with, or have on order. Most of us are familiar with a few "new" to American's flours thanks mostly to the Paleo movement. Coconut flour is a favorite. Its down fall is it absorbs enormous amounts of fluids and I have found it is best to be used with other folk's recipes to get it right- no fun for experimenting :-) Almond flour, we don't use it, but know tons that do and love the flavor and texture. Sorghum flour- you will find it more and more blended into various gluten free prepared mixes, it really is a terrific flour that to us mimics wheat the best.(sadly another one Abby doesn't tolerate) Then another would be millet flour. We do use it. It cannot replace wheat but mixed with rice flour and tapioca flour it adds texture and a mild flavor we really like.

Chickpea flour- our first choice and we have begun trying it in various recipes. It works as a terrific thickener and has the benefit of a better then Wheat nutritional profile. It is a heavy flour, but can partially replace flour with a mix of other lighter starches. Depending on the flour the flavors vary. Any flat breads do really well with chickpea flour and it is considered a "staple" in other Countries. If you want to hunt for recipes you can search for, Besan flour recipes,Chickpea flour recipes,garbanzo bean flour recipes and Gram. There are other names in other countries for chickpea flours, but this should get you started.

Navy Bean flour- very similar to chickpea flour. We have not tried yet. The nutritional value isn't quite as good, and probably closer to Wheat from a nutrition standpoint, but for cooking it is used the same as Chickpea flour.

Green Pea Flour- Really! There is such a thing! Bob's even sells it.(we don't use Bob's as they are high risk cross contamination). I don't much about it besides it has a better protein profile. It is a lovely green color which makes it tempting for various recipes. It also appears to have fewer calories.

Mung flour- not one that I have tried, but is a very nutritious starch. Commonly used in noodles. It appears it can be used to make various desserts so I suspect it is lighter then the other flours.

Lentil Flour- another one that probably is similar to the others above.

Soy flour- which we don't use because of Abby's allergies.

Some other interesting "flours" that I am also going to consider are;

Pumpkin powder- again, really there is such a thing! Abby has avoided pumpkin but if she gets to the point where this is something she can tolerate, I am ordering ASAP. This would be a lot of fun to play with- think about cookies,pies,custards,smoothies,creamer... YUM!

Sweet Rice Starch(not flour also know as mochiko)Very popular in Asian cooking and baking and Abby and I have seen more then 1 steamed dessert we are anxious to try with this starch.

I am betting there are dozens of other flours and more to come. Plenty to keep me experimenting.

We are on hold for another week because Abby is still recovering from traveling. She did look gobs better last night, and this morning looks pretty good. Hopefully, the up and downs with all the crashing and short circuiting is past her and a few more days of rest she will be fully recuperated.


Jenna said...

I really never knew there were so many flours. I hope that Abby gets back to her new baseline soon and you guys can experiment again.

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