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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chickpea NoFu!

I bet you are really wondering if you really want to know what inspired this new venture! :-)

It started with the Ninja and pantry clean out. I had bought a ton of dried chickpea's a few months back because Abby needs protein and other nutrition that chickpea's are full of.. unfortunately, she hasn't done well with the chickpea's so I kind of forgot about them. Last week I found them again. Since our initial trial with beans we have figured out that Abby cannot do red or black beans. She can do a few navy beans. So I wasn't quite ready to toss the chickpea's, they keep forever and just maybe sooner or later Abby will be able to digest them.

In the meantime I had ordered the Ninja. Which I have thrown everything but the kitchen sink into just to see what it can do. I was reading a blog about Ninja's and she posted that she could turn dried chickpea's into flour.. well humm- I had chickpea's and I am running out of idea's to challenge the Ninja with- so what the heck? I would give it a try.

The Ninja did a pretty good job! I sifted out the coarsest bits and ran the finer stuff through again. It made a bean flour that would be terrific to add to a gluten free bread, but it is not super fine.

The flour sat on the counter all day yesterday. I figured next time I made her bread I could throw some in, or some recipe would pop up that would call for some..then I remember seeing a post month ago on The Vegan Mommy Chef Blog. She had created a cheesecake that was dairy free,soy free,corn free,nut free and seed free! Black Magic right? But she had used something called "Nofu" she made out of bean flour. BINGO! I did a little more research to make sure it is as easy as it seemed and ended up using this recipe on the Living while Living Without blog.

Last night I mixed the flour with water a touch of salt no turmeric(Abby is allergic) and left it on the counter for the night(that easy!)

This morning I poured the bean whey into the pot and started stirring- the full 15 minutes at a low boil. Then I poured the bean "sludge" in and stirred- and that was some work! It gets thick, but you have to keep whisking for 5 minutes. Reminded me of making cream of wheat and realizing you might not have enough water in it?

Poured it into a greased loaf pan, covered and threw it in the fridge-

Here it is;

First I gotta say, I am no fan of tofu- never have been. Soy has a certain flavor I just could never get past. This has a little sweetness and nuttiness. If Abby wasn't allergic to everything, odds are I would probably pass because I could. But, if you are going to cook with "nofu" this isn't bad.

Unfortunately, my not very fine flour did not smooth out in all the soaking and boiling- so there is some "texture" to it.. I was hoping for something smooth like silken tofu, but next time, right?

Now what to make with it? Well of course I have to try that Black Magic Cheese cake! LOl Thankfully, Abby can have eggs.. I also happened to make some sweetened condensed coconut milk this morning- and just tried a new recipe for coconut milk sour cream! Yep- cheesecake tonight! I think if I puree the Nofu and add some coconut flakes then I can call it a lemon/coconut (lemon offers some of the tang this lacks)cheesecake.. might even make it in the pressure cooker.. Oh, and I just remembered I made arrowroot cookies(yes, like the toddler ones)last week and have some screaming to be made into a cookie crust- if it turns out- I will share! LOL

UPDATE: Made the cheesecake-Dairy-free,soy-free,corn-free,nut-free,gluten-free.. Will post the recipe once I tweak it a bit to make it a bit firmer- definitely has that cheesecake flavor and the chickpea nofu smoothed out completely! DELICIOUS as it looks!


Anonymous said...

Am bout to make some nofu.. I was wondering why you have to boil the beginnings so much. I would think you could make something like cream of wheat..bring the liquid to a boil and add the sludge and then boil til thick...so was wondering if there is a reason why the 15 min cooking at first. I tried it the first time and the cooking didn't seem to do anything...so was just wondering.

Diane said...

Great question- I have no idea why the recipe was created that way :-) What I do know, is I follow it and it turns out each time :-) I admit, a few times I have reduced the 15 minutes down to 10 minutes and it still turns out fine, I have never cut short the 5 minutes for the "sludge" though :-)

Anonymous said...

I finally figured out the difference and why mine was different from yours. I was using sprouted and toasted flour instead of raw and it makes a big difference in the end product. Used raw this time and worked great.

Anonymous said...

I don't get how anyone can follow the recipe. I have been through this post a few times and I cannot see if I am missing something. You added the flour to water (how much water) let it sit over night then seperted the sludge from water and boiled and stirred that water (again how much? A little, a Lot?) Are you boiling it down until it is barely there (as when you start with very little) or is it a LOT of water you boil it and then add the sludge and boil that water down? I would love to do this.

Maybe you can link to the recipe you originally followed so I can see if they give amounts.

Diane said...

Actually, the original recipe is linked. If you read the paragraph under the second photo. there is a link that works.(I just checked it for you.). It is really easy, don't over think it.

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