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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Extract or Hooch?

Going corn free was a challenge and I have found it truly shocking to find out how many of the products we use weekly or daily have had to be replaced because they are contaminated with corn.

Vanilla extract- sounds innocent, I mean how could that be corn contaminated?

They use grain alcohol and all are CORN CONTAMINATED!

We have tried vanilla sugar which is throwing a few beans into a tub of granulated sugar which is okay, but hard to get intensity.

I have been browsing the net and noticed some companies are making either a "vanilla paste" which I have strong doubts would be clean, and one that has potential is a vanilla powder. The claim it is 100 pure vanilla bean, but despite my requests for information about their "process" and whether the beans come into contact with any corn I have yet to hear back.

So, I thought just make my own.

Potato vodka 80 percent or better. Vanilla beans. That is it, and patience. From what I have read it can take up to 3 months to come up to full strength. It is recommended that you keep the jars in the dark and give them a shake a couple times a week.

Way too easy for me! I had a big bottle of potato vodka and lots of empty mason jars. Sara asked if we could make almond. I thought coffee... Derek thought lemon... and by the time we hit that we thought why not, lets try peach too!

I read a few blogs and decided to stick to a 1 to 1 ratio- some where less but I am always an advocate of more is better! I cut the beans lengthwise to open them and added 9 per pint which might be overkill but probably not.

I expect the vanilla will turn out fine- the rest of them, who the heck knows? If it isn't a good extract or tincture, surely it will be some mighty fine Hooch!

If it turns out, standby, you might be getting some for Christmas! LOl


Circus of 6 said...

Please let us know how it comes out!!!! Sounds fun ;)

Diane said...

LOL- Well if it turns out, I will let you pick which flavor you want to try LOL I am eyeing the last of the vodka bottle, thinking a cherry for the last few drops!! Thank goodness the stuff is hidden in my closet! I look like a crazy mad chemist!

Jenna said...

I have heard it is best to keep them in dark jars in the dark. I met someone that makes her own vanilla extract, I have been wanting to try it.

Diane said...

Yes, I heard and read that too Jenna- it is going to drive me nuts waiting for them to be ready! LOL But, it was so easy and fun. I bought some tiny little brown bottles for extracts to put the extracts into when ready, and figure making labels on the computer for each flavor will be fun too! Vanilla bean's I found cheap on Amazon..

Jenna said...

I should do this sooner instead of later, it would be fun to make holiday treats for Christmas with the extracts. How did you make the almond extract?
Also, just wanted to let you know this simplythick change is really hard. Last night when I was sleeping I kept thinking to myself this really isn't a big deal but as soon as I woke up and had to give him his pediasure it was an awful reminder, cleaning out the shaker was so hard. It is so thick! It coats everything and doesn't even drip. Juice is a little better, but he really doesn't like the change. I called simplythick today to ask for suggestions and they said "there's no taste" like that makes it better, who wants the major texture change. If you have come across anyone with tips I would love it if you passed it on. Thanks!

Diane said...

For the almond I read you are supposed to take the thin paper off, but that was impossible for me! So I just smashed the raw almonds(after they are shelled ) and filled the jar halfway and then covered them in potato vodka- at least a 6 week but closer to 2 months wait I think for the almond, if it works- so you have plenty of time if you wanted to do it- I will let ya know in a month how it is brewing.. I feel so rotten for you about the simply thick- I know Abby had some serious sensory issues and textures really got her when she was little.I can imagine it isn't going to be easy to get him to accept it and keep him hydrated.. I will keep my ears open to see if anyone I know has come up with some good tips and tricks- rationally simplythick is just a product, but emotionally the impact must be tremendous for you- the biggest hugs ever and I am hoping he won't need it long- will send ya anything I find-

Anonymous said...

Could you post a recipe and which vodka is potato...most of what I have seen is potato with a lot of wheat....For us...that's as bad as corn!!!

Anonymous said...

to get the paper off almonds....try boiling water for a minute or so....kinda like tomatoes or pears!!! lol

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