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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Make your own Coconut Milk

We use a lot of coconut milk and rice milk(rice dream unenriched is the safest box milk for Abby and even then it does have some gluten)for baking and cooking. Abby rarely drinks rice or coconut milk.

There are a few brands that come in boxes. Unfortunately, all corn contaminated. Or full of various chemicals that her sensitive system doesn't care for much. Which leaves us with canned milk. There are only a couple brands (thai organic) that are clean enough(even then iffy at times) for Abby, and they are NOT CHEAP! :-) Plus, we have been working toward using fewer canned products.

A friend posted that she makes her own rice milk.. and then I was poking around blogs and saw a post about making coconut milk. The Author added more water and guar gum to the coconut milk she used for drinking, but left the coconut milk she used for baking without any added items.

Yesterday I baked and cooked for Sara and Derek and that Mom guilt made me feel bad I had not done anything to further Abby's improved diet plan. Granted, she had plenty of ready to eat items but I try very hard to increase and/or improve on her diet daily.

As I was trying to settle down for the night the guilt got to me! I had to think fast about what I could do in the few remaining awake moments, which reminded me about homemade coconut milk. I opened the pitcher for the Ninja and dumped in 2 cups of unsweetened dried coconut and 4 cups of water.

This morning I found it had absorbed a lot of the water. I added another 1/2 cup and turned on the Ninja for a few. Very quickly the coconut cream stuck to the sides and I had a nice looking milk. I then strained it in a mesh. Got a ton! Was pleased until I could not figure out how to get all that delightful cream out of the blender. I scraped out what I could and decided to gently heat the coconut milk I strained and all the clumps of cream I had saved. It did not take long to warm enough to melt the cream back into the milk. Once it was warm but not hot, I poured it back into the Ninja and blended some more. The warm milk melted the residual cream off the sides. I then strained one more time, because with all that cream there was a lot of stuck bit so of coconut.

Next time, I will warm the coconut and water after it soaks before I blend. I also really need a bigger and finer metal mesh strainer(on the list!).

Hands down a very nice product! And cheaper then my canned version. I will still keep canned on the shelf, but this will be the new go to coconut milk. I am curious to see how much coconut cream solidifies- I have some recipes that need far more (whipped coconut cream)cream, and then some that need less..

With a better strainer this is a very quick and easy and healthier option-not to mention doesn't have that canned flavor!


Jenna said...

That is really awesome! Seems like it would be much cheaper and you know what is in it. Plus very easy!

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