WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Most Viewed Posts-

I check now and then to see where and who is visiting my blog, but I usually sort by past day or past week. Last week I sorted by "all time" and was a little surprised by one or two in the top.

1)Shirataki noodle cookies- hands down by a landslide my number 1 most viewed page.

2) Q and A time post- a TON of hits!

3) Tied for Third- The Case of Landon Weber and Miralax, maybe not as safe as they say-

If I think about it a pretty good reflection on my huge variables in topics I like to post on.. but when I check the google search terms that bring folks to my blog I am always a little startled to see the Landon Weber post pop up again and again. I haven't heard of any new cases this summer out of our Med Center knock on wood right?

Miralax- I am still reading about the terrible reactions a small population of users are being afflicted with.. I will always be incredibly grateful to the Mom that wrote me when she saw the rash+miralax and warned me! I standby my opinion, for some it is perfectly safe, but for some it can be life threatening. The package should have a simple warning of potential side effects in the pediatric population.

Of course my low calorie weird and delicious chocolate cookies are at the top! :-) I still adore those and am considering making a batch for my munching pleasure this week.

Abby is still struggling with edema that we cannot seem to beat- we eliminated sodium, added it, increased protein, reduced it, and nothing in particular is "triggering" the edema. We are trying to ignore it for now. She is for the most part back to baseline- still sleepy, and achy, but I heard laughter from the back of the house before I went to bed and felt very content knowing she is back on track. Tried another type of organic apple yesterday- within 10 minutes BP drop,headache, cramping stomach.. So clearly we must remove apple too. Thankfully, she does okay with certain organic pears, grapes,figs and peaches- four fruits is better then none!

Next week we see the family Dr. and see if he will volunteer to be Captain of the Mast Cell investigation- sure he will, but we are ready to get moving on that! Found two compound pharmacies we are willing to try so hoping they "get" how sensitive Abby is these days. I have a Dr. appointment after Abby- it will be the first time I have been on the scale since the end of December. I have no idea how much I have lost but went from an 18 /20 to a 4/6- I have refused to weigh myself. In past diets I lived for the scale and this time I decided I did not care about the scale- I am a little anxious about scales so not sure whether to be happy or not with whatever weight pops up! LOL


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