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Friday, August 17, 2012

Signs of Recovery.

Pleased to say, Abby had some bounce finally last night.

Her GI issues are still flared, and she looks like she got run over by a truck, but she did feel well enough to let me wash her hair. She was able to eat a bit of protein which is a sure sign we are back on track.

Boy, this week was frustrating for me. That 1 day out of the house on an adventure will likely cost her 2 weeks.

If I stop for a second and look back to February,the last time we traveled, Abby did not bounce and her decline was part of what triggered project elimination. Definitely, a massive improvement between the last trip and this one..

Hopefully, throughout today and this weekend we will continue to see little bits of improvement and my original prediction of a week down and out will be correct.

The one thing that just ticked us off was the funky rash. The one she had that went away after removing the Miralax? A patch on her leg, on her face. Why after everything Abby has been through would a rash send us into panic? I suppose because it was the last thing we dealt with before project elimination- so it triggers memories of very bad days.

Lots of sleep, nibbling on gentle allergy free foods. She is on a sleep for 4 up for 2 schedule. Once that moves to a sleep for 8-12 with naps I know we will be back in charge.


Jenna said...

Glad to hear she is bouncing back. The progress she has had is amazing. To me that fact that even though she is recovering but she is awake and eating is such a big improvement from where you started.

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