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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What Makes a Great Dr?

Yesterday, we took Abby back to our family Dr.

When we started the Specialist train a couple years ago we moved her to a Ped temporarily since most of her Specialists were on the Pediatric train.

The rest of us have continued to see him.

First, we really really respect this Dr. First off, he is smart! One of his best attributes is he is the first one to admit when he doesn't know. Best part, he just has a special passion for what he does.

When you go into his office you come out of your appointment feeling like you had a tune-up and life is perfect. He just has an amazing and I mean amazing bedside manner.. I think everyone knows that one guy at the party, or that one Uncle that EVERYONE waits to show up to any get together because without him the party won't be perfect- that is our Family Dr.

He isn't perfect and doesn't try to be.

Yesterday we tried to give him the headlines on Abby to get him up to speed. As I data dumped and explained the last couple years of medical data,Abby got more withdrawn and I could tell he and I weren't on the same page.. I tried changing what I was sharing, but for the first time he wasn't in perfect timing with us.. He talked about ADD meds, he talked about all sorts of things- and for the first time he managed to annoy me.

When we got to the car the lightbulb came on. I never explained to him about Mito. About Abby's small gas tank.. He treated her like a normal old patient that needed to dig in deep and find that energy and drag it out. He did not understand that there is no hidden source of energy deep inside Abby waiting to be pulled out of her.. there simply isn't enough energy. I tried to explain that stimulating her brain to try to get her body going, would likely backfire badly. We disagreed.

Of course another of things we really like about him is that he advocates for the girls- I can be honest and admit I am overbearing. Sara has made it clear that she can handle her own medical issues, thank you very much, and I am totally okay with it because the Family Dr is very supportive of her and a wonderful way for her to grow up and take personal responsibility for herself.

OF course after years of Drs. treating Abby like she was some lazy whinny girl she was instantaneously on defense. So, I think that threw our beloved Dr off, Abby in the past communicated well with him- as I said, he is almost irresistible, you just cannot help but share and feel comfortable with this guy. So, as he suggested different options to HELP Abby, he unknowingly triggered some very strong emotions in Abby. As she clearly withdrew it threw him off, and threw me into a frenzy trying to speak for her- kind of a shakespearian tragedy of an appointment! So was not funny yesterday, but today I can grin about it, because I woke up trusting him just as much as I did before yesterdays appointment, and maybe a little more- he brings to the table a new perspective and a perspective full of hope, certainly cannot hurt to try at least thinking upbeat about all this, we have gotten terribly serious over the past couple years.

Abby and I chatted about it yesterday- I get her annoyance, but for the first time I find myself advocating for this Dr. Surely, he needs a chance to read about Mito,Mast - we did kind of put him on the spot. I have spent 24/7 reading all this junk and still cannot explain to someone else with any technical finesse what Mito or Mast is or isn't..

I wonder how many Drs. have left the room from us with the same feelings we had yesterday- with them wondering, humm, usually the Neumans get it, why are they being so dense today?? I am sure it has happened.

Last night we forwarded her thousands of records, and of course some good literature on Mast, Mito etc. The fact that he asked us to send it all, well he just got another star.

I think part of the issue is that we are in a space where we are if not happy to maintain Abby where she is at, content. Not that I don't have hope, but we have learned the hardest way NEVER to just "try" something Abby- we are hesitant,nervous, meds terrify us, she reacts to everything and that causes more "Mito" issues. Last time we saw him with her, we were full of anxiety to fix her. We aren't that same family anymore. Of course, we want to fix her but we have learned that fixing Abby isn't going to come through a pill and if she needs a pill we had best be ready to do some serious homework.

So, do I think he is a Great Dr- Yep- the very best.


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