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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Close enough to ZERO FUNDING for Mitochondrial Disease

This week I have been following the conversations on a few different Mitochondrial Disease support groups on facebook. I was reading a post on the UMDF group on facebook and a member shared the figures below-

It is estimated that 1 in 3000 have some sort of mitochondrial disease- here is the government funding for a disease that affects so many,and disables, and kills. Starting to wonder if the Government doesn't want folks to know about Mito- we might start asking the hard questions like the Autism community did, which is now also connected in some cases to Mitochondrial Disease. When disability claims are up by 50 percent in one Presidency, don't you want to figure out why? Cheaper in the longer run to figure out treatments and cures then to bankroll a swelling population for a lifetime.

Alzheimer's Disease 1:85 NIH funding $529Million

Juvenile Diabetes 1:500 NIH funding $156 Million
Parkinson's Disease 1:500 NIH funding $172 Million
Muscular Dystrophy 1:100,000 NIH funding $162 Million
Autism 1:110 NIH funding $141 Million

Mitochondrial Disease 1:3,000 NIH funding $11 Million

Yep a measly 11 Million- Mrs. Obama likely spent that on vacations alone last year.


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