WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

D Dilemma...

Today a friend asked how Abby was doing.. and really the big thing on our plate this week is to get her D level up. I have really stressed over it. Her D has been low for years and we have tried plopping her in the sun, and before project elimination we tried supplementing, and her D is ALWAYS low.

Low D is a pretty common condition in Mito,Mast, POTS, EDS, etc.. and really it seems most folks I know seem to have to supplement with D.

It seems that most D is corn contaminated as are most vitamins in general. OF course the supplement companies claim the vitamins are free from corn proteins, but corn allergies are weird things- most folks with a "serious" (there are degrees)corn allergy react to any part of the corn.

For example, Abby's coconut yogurt. I use a couple tablespoons of the So Delicious yogurt to culture my yogurt. Abby is allergic to the So Delicious yogurt- we suspect it is the xanthan gum(very often corn contaminated, to the point she eats nothing with xanthan gum) So, I have to make a second batch from the first batch I make before it is "clean" enough. Odds are the amount of corn in that 2 tablespoons is smaller then microscopic, but tell that to Abby's corn allergy.

I have no doubt that we could find a few D's she could take 1 or 2 times without immediate reaction, but after 3,4 and 5 doses, her allergy bucket fills up fast. I am doubting a week of D would make a difference.

I was chatting with my super smart Mom's( our group includes,Mito,Mast, EDS, POTS and a zillion other complicated and connected health issues) and someone said they had used the D as an oil on the skin- Well ah Duh! Abby might be able to tolerate that. Of course, she might not, but she seems to tolerate corn contamination on the skin if it is minute. Of course there is no way to know how much she is absorbing, but I will take some over none. Thankfully, the dosage for D can be quite high and still safe. The same Mom recommended a UV lamp. Well Ah Duh again! :-) Abby has a horrible time sitting outside- the temperature changes from going in and out can trigger all sorts flares with her. Sitting too long in the sun she can overheat easily.

As I was doing projects today thinking about the "D" dilemma, it struck me- after the last two years of fretting about finding a specialist,traveling to see one, biopsies, genetics, labs, wheelchairs, insurance, serious GI issues, serious food allergies, creating food out of air- this D dilemma is the most NORMAL thing to happen to Abby in forever! I have been grinning all day, just grateful for once for a very normal problem that anyone I talk to will understand.

Of course I am not minimizing her low D level, but fixing it just seems so much more doable, so much "easier". The way I see it, if I can make a tasty cheesecake with no dairy, no soy, no nuts- I can help Abby manage her D Dilemma.


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