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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Second time is the Charm, so we Hope!

Yesterday Abby had to do a bunch of lab work. She surprisingly was having a decent day on a day where something was planned- we were double surprised because she had a Dr. appt Tues, and to have it together on a Friday that soon? Very happy.

Derek took her on his lunch hour.. quickly I get an email- "Lab won't do the blood work wrong codes". Did I mention she also had a 24 hr urine in hand?

Finally, he had them call the local family Dr. so they would at least process the urine. They ended up coming home to sort it out, at least they took the urine :-)

By 2pm the Dr. who ordered the lab work got ahold of the lab. Like we suspected, the Dr. had filled everything out correctly.

Derek decided they were going to get this done today no matter what. So, he zipped back from the office(I offered, but he had a desire to finish this) and grabbed Abby.. by this time Abby was at the stage of still feeling pretty good, but one look at her face and I knew a big ol crash was coming, I was just hoping she would hold until she got home.

Pretty soon I get a text.." They won't do it wrong codes".. Seriously? He had the email about it from Drs. office that he pulled up on his phone.. and FINALLY the Manager of the Lab came over and after awhile figured it out.

They get home and Derek said he is pretty doubtful they got much right, they were having to ask each other how to label the vials..

Our hope is that if they did not test for what they should, that whatever they do test for is helpful! LOL

The minute they walked in the door Abby just looked awful. I got her to drink and eat before the crash hoping she would bounce- Ha! She said she did not feel too bad, so I was hoping. Within two hours she was in horrid pain. Wobbly legs, GI flared, and kind of yellow- she usually doesn't turn yellow so that was definitely something unusual. I haven't seen her yet this morning so I am hoping she got some good rest last night. While she was at the Lab I changed her sheets and cleaned her room - so that always helps her sleep.

Derek and I were so upset about the Lab messing up, we know Abby has serious limited energy.. we ranted and raved together, and had to breath deeply and remind ourselves that the rest of the world also has to deal with these situations.. tired Seniors, patients fighting cancer, and zillion other energy stealing diseases.. but in our concern for Abby it is often hard to remember that though we think she is very special and deserves special treatment, well we are just the same as any other patient who the lab messes up with :-)

As they say, "IT is what It is."


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