WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Histamine-Restricted Diet

As we have worked to sort out Abby's diet issues the one resource that is close to a Bible for me and many other multiple allergy/Sensitivity/intolerance suffers is;

Dealing With Food Allergies
By Janice Vickerstaff Joneja

By far her lists for various restrictions are the most complete.

Below is the lengthy list of NOT allowed on her listed Histamine-Restricted Diet:

Not-Allowed Milk and Milk Products

Any manufactured dairy products made with restricted ingredients
Cheese of all types
Yogurt (we break this rule with coconut yogurt,but since there are no safe probiotics for Abby on the market that are dairy,soy and corn clean this is the only way to get those healthy bacteria into her- however, restricted to 2 tablespoons a week)
Any milk products produced by fermentation

Breads Cakes and cookies, breakfast cereals,crackers and Pasta/Noodles

BLeached flour(benzoyl peroxide is the bleaching agent)
Popcorn with artificial flavors
Manufactured rice entrees
Any baked product with restricted ingredients such as artificial colors,flavors,and preservatives
Flavored instant oatmeal
All manufactured pasta meals in packages and cans.


olives in vinegar or brine
vegetable dishes with restricted ingredients
Most commercial salad dressings, including Mayonnaise

Fruit- Not-Allowed.

blueberry(we break this one at times)
lemon(we break this one)
peach(break this one regularly)
fruit dishes, juices,jams, jellies and preserves made with restricted fruit and other ingredients

Meat, Poultry, and Fish- Not Allowed

All fermented processed meats such as, salami, Bologna, pepperoni, wieners, sausage,
Smoked or pickled meats
all leftover cooked meat(Abby's eats leftover meat if it is frozen promptly)
all shellfish
all fish whether fresh,frozen or canned unless it has been freshly caught,gutted and cooked without delay.(Abby did well last year with white fish, now she eats no fish- fish is also coated in a corn slurry to help transport, so double whammy)
Pickled fish
Smoked fish
Any meat, poultry, or fish made with restricted ingredients

Eggs NOT Allowed-(we break this ALOT- despite a skin and RAST positive allergy she does great "digesting" eggs, she is so limited with protein we haven't stopped eggs)

Dishes in which egg is the main ingredient, such as Souffle,Mousse, Quiche, omelet
Scrambled boiled, fried
egg dishes prepared with restricted foods
raw egg white

Legumes- NOT Allowed

Soy beans
Red beans

Nuts and Seeds Not Allowed

Pumpkin seeds
Any nut or seed mixtures with restricted ingredients(artificial flavors, colors.preservatives)

Spices and Herbs NOT Allowed-

cloves(break this one)
curry powder(not sure which spice in curry mix, but Abby reacts horribly to traditional spices in Indian food) Turmeric is a bad one for her.
seasoning packets with restricted ingredients
Foods labeled "with spices"

Fats and Oils NOT Allowed
All fats and oils with color and/or preservatives
Hydrolyzed lecithin
Prepared salad dressings with restricted ingredients
Gravies pre made from packets, cans and jars

Sweeteners Not Allowed-
Flavored syrups
Prepared dessert fillings
prepared icings/frostings
Spreads with restricted ingredients
cake decorations
commercial confectionery
commercial candies

Beverages- Not ALLOWED

Flavored milks
fruit drinks and cocktails with restricted ingredients
cola-type carbonated drinks
flavored coffees
tea, regular or green(Abby breaks this one too)
all drinks with "flavor" or "spices"
all alcoholic beverages
de-alcoholized beers, wines, and other beverages

Other NOT Allowed
Chocolate and cocoa
Flavored gelatin
prepared relishes
soy sauces(abby breaks this with coconut aminio's they are fermented.)
Miso(no because soy and no because fermented)
Commercial ketchup(any ketchup made with tomatoes)

Within the Mast community patients follow this list as needed- many patients tolerate many of the items listed. Like Mito, histamine issues have a lot of variables.

There are other foods that some folks have issues with like sweet potato- some do well and some do not- Abby can rotate sweet potato and chickpea in and out reasonably well.
As always you need to consult with your Dr. before making radical changes to your diet- this is not medical advice, just the list that we have found most helpful in eliminating triggers in Abby's diet. I marked the items that she breaks on a regular basis- though I wish she could eliminate all of the foods listed, because of her other GI issues and lengthy list of allergies she is so limited as it is, if there is something that has valuable nutritional value for her that she tolerates we encourage her to eat it for now. She is pretty good tracking reactions and triggers so she rotates out food when needed.


Anonymous said...

i know this post is old...as in september old, but i have suspected mito and a boatload of other conditions ( some auto-immune ) which have led to food restrictions for various reasons...taking probiotics is recommended to me by just about every doctor i have seen...they push them on me regardless of the fact that i cannot tolerate any of the binders or additives or excipients..no gluten, no dairy, no soy, NO CORN,no artificial sweetners, and no msg is what i deal with on a daily basis..hard to eat!.... anyways Thorne Research Labs has Human Strain Probiotics...it's called floramend...you can purchase them on amazon.com...so far as i can tell they are clean of all the above listed offenders...however everybody reacts differently..so far, for me, they are ok..my system over reacts to friggin b vitamins so that says something....give them a shot..i will keep my fingers crossed for Abbey
~ Chelsea

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