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Monday, September 10, 2012

Winter is Coming!

(Yes, I love Game of Thrones )

I happen to love this time of year best in Houston. The cool fronts start rolling through, cool nights and sunny days. I get the gardening bug and am deciding on which veggies and herbs to throw in for the "winter crop." Of course I have ragweed allergies but it is so worth the itchy skin,eyes, nose to be out in what I consider perfect weather.

For Abby this time of year is about preparing herself. For the most part most of the families I have chatted with or read their blogs,they too also start preparing for what is to come. The beginning of winter is not something to look forward to..back to back viruses, temperature change means difficulties in regulating body temperature which means POTs, Dysautonomia issues. The dry skin, trying to keep up on school work, more Drs. visits from being sick which generally means more viruses from everyone else visiting the Dr. office because they are sick! :-) Dealing with Public Schools who resist recognizing their children's issues..more GI issues from viruses or from the dysautonomia.. and for some multiple hospitalizations.

Some of our prep includes-

Humidifier cleaning and making sure it is running well.
Cleaning air filters.
Serious scrub down to remove/kill any dust mites and mold that could possibly exist.
Electric blanket.
heating pad, extra blankets.
New slippers, robes.
Good and safe lotion.
Shampoo for dry scalp.
medication check.
Tights- time to stock up! These she wears under her clothes to help her stay warm and help her circulation.
long sleeve soft cotton t-shirts for under clothes.
gloves- yep, even in Houston's mild weather she needs them.
stocking the house with safe tea's.

I am sure I am missing a million "prep" items. I know I am trying very hard not to think about all the health issues that are almost promised for this winter. We are trying to think about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.. fun new winter clothes just waiting to be worn, yummy winter stews and soups and roasts..

Abby had a little bug over the weekend.. of course my heart sank, I simply panic the minute she gets sick now, because after last winter I have a clue at just how scary winters can be for the chronically ill populations. Last night we decided odds are the two outings last week to the Dr and the lab earned her the first bug of the year.

Despite our optimism, in the back of our heads as we enjoy these fall weeks, I cannot help but think Winter is Coming.


Jenna said...

I hope that this is a good winter for Abby. I hope that all the changes you have made this year make winter much more bearable and maybe even enjoyable. So far for Matt spring has been the worst. I hope that doesn't change, fall and winter seem like a reprieve for us after the awful spring and summer. Last fall and winter was really scary, that was when we started testing for metabolic disorders, I started finding out about all of the horrible disease and was terrified. Matt was still regressing and all I could think would this year be the year that he wouldn't bounce back. This year his regression has been much more mild.

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