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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Eat the Grapes

( Image from Texas Gardener I had to see what grew here in Texas)

A favorite food of children and adults alike, almost too likable to have any value, but Abby and I were talking about grapes last night and we decided it was time to look the nutrition profile up on grapes- WOW!

Manganese,Vitamin K, B1, B6, and vitamin C to mention the top.

They also are noted for containing a variety of phytonutrients:
Phenolic Acids
caffeic acid
coumaric acid
ferulic acid
gallic acid

In addition to the above-listed nutrients, grapes have also been shown to contain the hormone and antioxidant melatonin as well as unique oligopeptides (small protein-like molecules) that have anti-bacterial and other properties.

For as sweet as they are they have a lower glycemic index rating. Another plus.

As usual my go to website WHfoods is packed with all the good news about grapes.

A few positives of eating grapes-
All of the following cardio benefits have been demonstrated in research studies on grapes and grape components:

better blood pressure regulation, including blood pressure reduction if high
better total cholesterol regulation, including total cholesterol reduction if high
reduced LDL cholesterol levels
reduced LDL oxidation
reduced levels of reactive oxygen molecules in the blood
reduced likelihood of cell adhesion to the blood vessel walls
less clumping together of platelet cells, when inappropriate
enhanced release of nitric oxide from endothelial cells lining the blood vessel walls in situations where vasodilation is needed
better inflammatory regulation in the blood
increase levels of glutathione in the blood

Before project elimination I thought about grapes very little. These days though they are one of the few fresh "berries" that Abby tolerates. When she and her sissy were little if we were dealing with constipation I always provided grapes for a "cure." Had I known then what I know now about grapes, I would have made them available daily to the girls.

Now, I am motivated to figure out how to add grapes to my baking and cooking- with the exception of fruit salad and waldorf salad I cannot remember seeing a recipe that calls for them. For now, Abby is snack crazy about grapes,but the day will come when there is a bag of grapes in the fridge that end up in a new recipe.


Anonymous said...

frozen grapes are a favorite here! We also make juice and use it in kefir. Also homemade raisins!! But our fav is frozen grapes!!! yummy!!! But I will only use organic grapes...non organic grapes and kale are worse than apples for spray and contamination!!!

Diane said...

Yes- Organic ONLY! And boy they were hard to find up until about two weeks ago! I dehydrated blueberries, but had not tried making raisins! Will give that ago! Did you know, apparently the yeast stuck to the skin of the grape makes an amazing sourdough starter? I keep meaning to try it. We do gf, but still get a nice starter.

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