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Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting ready for Halloween

We are years past trick or treating, but Halloween has become a favorite. Even Evie the poodle has at least 3 or 4 costumes she rotates through, believe it or not, that Poodle LOVES to play dress up! This witch costume is her new favorite. :-)

Last year we realized, we can bring the holiday right to Abby!

Christmas is always dressing up, hitting celebrations and parties, not something Abby can do.

Easter, 4th of July more of the same. We stay home and usually avoid the activities and all of the viruses that are shared. Once in awhile she will feel up to showering,dressing and going but rare indeed.

Yet, with Halloween we literally bring it to our doorstep. Last year she dressed like a doll, this year I think she may dress like a zombie- nice baggy old clothes covered in blood, a bit of makeup, she won't even have to brush her hair ! :-)

Last year we built our first "Haunted Halloween entry". We used PVC pipes and plastic imprinted with stones for walls, lots of blood and spooky fog and strobes.. The PVC construction was a big pain! This year we found a used canopy and are making plastic walls with it.. Of course all the good sound effects and lights..

This year Abby and Derek went zombie crazy! We have zombie babies, zombies from the Walking Dead series, all sorts of scary animated items.. Abby can sit at the door and hand out candy with the celebration brought right to her! Perfect.

We got some of the structure up yesterday and are feeling optimist it is going to be even scarier then last year!

Here are a few pics, once we complete the Haunted "house" I will grab some photo's of that as well.

Last year we had way too much candy leftover. This year we are just buying full size candy bars and toys. We were surprised last year when the little kids all wanted the toys over the candy. That left way too much temptation around the house. We figured toys and full sized candy bars should clear out quick! Being a school night, I don't expect as many trick or treaters, but those that come and are brave enough to make to our door will hopefully gladly take the candy off our hands!

We won't be using the wheelchairs and walkers for props outside(at least that is not the plan at this point,but who knows?), but they sure made a great place to store the zombie fleet as we put them together! Abby thought it was hilarious!


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