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Monday, October 22, 2012

It is an Epidemic, but who is trying to find out Why?

Abby's had a couple flare days, nothing bad,bad but enough to wipe her out. She is able to sleep(sometimes she gets insomnia- that is bad for her and us!)it off so far, but I knew she was feeling down and out when she did not want to get up to watch the Walking Dead with us. I don't think it is the D oil, or anything she ate, I think it is just one of the flares we cannot figure out how to stop. Frustrates me to no end that I cannot figure out how to help her during these..

Which means I have no reason to create some new Abby safe recipe, as she doesn't eat much when she feels out of sorts. Odds are she will just want homemade chicken broth and rice.

I might just bake or cook for the rest of the family, or might actually do some housekeeping?

This weekend I have been worrying about my friends littlest one who out of the blue developed some chronic lung issues. He also is not a good eater. He did perfectly on the swallow test to rule that out. I hope the specialists will give her some good answers this week, and help him.

Fretting about her little boy really made me think about "eating" issues in kids. 40 years ago, we had a couple chunky kids, lots of "normal" and a few super skinny. Everybody ate their food when they were hungry. Some were very short, some were very tall. I did not know one child with a feeding tube. We had the clean plate club, those of us who loved food liked that club, and the picky eaters groaned when they were told to finish their food before they could leave the table. For most, it really was that simple, not just me being an old lady reminiscing about the olden golden days.

Today, too many are overweight(I blame those twinkies and processed snacks-throw them out! They are a once maybe every 3 months treat, not a daily source of food) too many that refuse to eat, too many that cannot eat, too many that are allergic, intolerant, too many not absorbing... constipation used to be solved at home by eating more raisins,grapes and blackstrap, but today, constipation is a growing issue that even medications are not helping..Why?

In forty years, chronic health issues that involve food/GI system in one way or another in our children have gone through the roof. Why?

Why? That is what I want to know. Why are so many more kids instinctually not even wanting to eat? Why so many illnesses involving the GI track. There is seriously something wrong in our population. Abby is allergic to the weirdest things, granted we have a lot of allergies in my family, but she really takes the cake, why? Why are they worse in her then any other generation? Hubby's family doesn't really have too many allergies- just hay fever. Why are the numbers of Autistic rising? Why so many toddlers with tubes or medical liquid diets?

In nearly every type of chronic illness in children that I have run across in my various interest and support groups, the GI is affected. Autistic families deal with all sorts of food intolerances plus more complicated issues. Mito is almost a promise of some sort of GI involvement. Mast Cell diseases have GI involvement.. see the connection? All these illnesses that are increasing daily seem to involve the GI system one way or another...

I wonder if 40 years ago, more of these kids simply died from lack of interventions? But when you look at the statistics available, I don't see that in high enough numbers to explain this mounting wave of chronic illnesses.

In this last year of our journey as I see these populations increasing literally daily I cut the Drs. a little bit of slack(not too much though, they should know better then anyone how essential early intervention is, you don't wait till someone is dying before you help them!). They are probably drowning in sick children and must triage. What I want to know, when they do lay down at night finally, are they asking "Why the swelling numbers of sick kids?"

It is an EPIDEMIC.

While our Political Elite squabble over the power, they are not listening. They need healthy taxpayers to stay powerful, but we have the highest disability filings in years, and that is just adults. Who is listening? This weekend I saw some poor little boys in the little league wearing pink socks for breast cancer awareness, ridiculous! They should be wearing the colors of their peers- all the tubies,autistic,Mito,cancer,MD,CP Etc. But, as a society we don't want to talk about how so many kids are sick with mysterious and unexplained diseases- if we admit to the swelling numbers we have to admit we are messing up our kids either through our environment or food or something.. Politicians should be pushing billions to research this, in 40 years they won't have enough taxpayers to support our Country, or their life styles.

I don't know what is wrong. I just know I am frustrated that Abby is so frail. I am upset that my oldest has issues a young person shouldn't. I was young,healthy and behaved while I was prego with Abby. That should have been enough. I get even more upset as each day I hear or read about another baby born with one of these diseases and watching the numbers swell.

Maybe I should find something to cook today, otherwise I may just spend my day ranting. :-) But what should I be cooking? Today I am leery about what we are eating, what we are breathing, what we bath in.. What is causing the epidemic? Can I control it? Probably not. I want our Society to demand answers. If giving up GMO or food coloring, or corn in our gas, or vaccines or a zillion other amazing advances we as humans have created, would stop this Epidemic, would we? Would we give it all up it up for healthy kids? The sick feeling in my gut says no.

Until the celebrities,politicians and super wealthy start having children who also suffer from some variable of this epidemic, nothing will happen- it doesn't exist until they say it does.

Another thought lingering in my head is that when Derek travels he always eats the local food. India,Australia,Singapore,England,Czech, etc and he digests just fine. Actually, better then fine. He says he notices his skin "smells" different and a few other oddball things. Yet, after 3 days of even a careful diet when he gets back to America, his insides freak out! Why can he eat the oddest foods in Countries like India or Trinidad and his body loves it- but when he gets home and tries to eat Western foods he is sick until he "acclimates" to the Western diet? Think about that.

Yep, no lemonade out of lemons today! :-)


Jenna said...

I am sorry Abby isn't feeling well.
This is an epidemic. It is ridiculous. My husbands best friend is a chemist, he talks a lot about the unknown dangers to most. He things food chemist are evil, and so many plants are awful. We past by a pharmaceutical plant yesterday, without knowing what it was just the shape of the building he said that company is evil. He says the way the pipes are designed they are blowing really bad chemical in our air.
I hate that our government doesn't care that we are killing ourselves. Good post! I hope Abby feels better soon.

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