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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Tomato, No Spinach Italian Meatball Soup

A few posts back I posted about Abby's favorite roasted red pepper sauce.

I keep a lot of tubs of this in the freezer.

Abby is a huge fan of soup and one that she has missed since giving up tomato's is the Italian Meatball Soup. Before project elimination I used a beef broth base with tomato and spinach.

Yesterday we made it without tomato,spinach or beef.

I used chicken bone broth(I keep plenty in the freezer for her.)

ground chicken meatballs.(gf sourdough bread crumbs I made in dehydrator from leftover bread. Egg, italian seasoning. ground chicken tends to be "wetter" so I mix the crumbs, eggs and chicken and stick in the fridge for an hour to firm and moisten the bread crumbs. I cook these stovetop in a bit of coconut oil and they freeze very well)

Italian seasoning(fresh garlic, all of the already chopped or crushed have asorbic acid which is corny)

Fresh organic basil leaves.

If Abby is in the mood, I will add additional sauteed onion and green peppers too.

Parsley- always. Abby likes a TON!

That is it. If I have all the components already in the freezer this is super fast to make. A gf teff/honey dinner roll(will post a recipe for those soon!)is delicious with this soup. The teff and honey blend reminds us of a honey wheat roll.

I don't measure when I make soups, but around 4 cups of broth, 1 1/2 cup of red pepper sauce, a dozen meatballs, handful of fresh chopped basil.. season and salt to taste!

Easy- nutritious, allergen free, and best of all Abby loves it.


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