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Friday, October 5, 2012

"Nofu Butter" For those with a Nut-allergy and Seed-allergies.

Allergic to Nuts and Seeds and craving peanut butter? Try Nofu Butter :-)

Abby cannot have nuts or seeds. Which means no almond butter, no peanut butter, no tahini, no pumpkin seed butter, sunflower seed butter etc. Boy does she miss something as simple as a peanut butter sandwich.. or peanut butter cookie..

So we made our own " faux peanut butter".

Chickpea/coconut cream butter. Sounds terrible? It isn't. It is amazing, delicious and we think BETTER then peanut butter! Even the non allergy folks in the family thought it was shockingly good! Goodbye peanut butter! Hello Nofu Butter!

Nofu Butter Abby Style:

1 cup chickpea nofu.(my blog entry on how to make Chickpea Nofu.)

1 block "Let's do Organic" coconut cream

1/2 to 1 teaspoon salt(more or less to taste,we use pink himalayan)

3 heaping Tablespoons dark brown sugar for "Jiffy or skippy" flavor or use less sugar for a more natural style butter(been using Domino's)

3 Tablespoons "grapeseed oil." ( liquid helps the mixture blend better in the Ninja gives it a more authentic texture as well we tried coconut oil,but since we keep in fridge it got too hard)

Throw it all in the Ninja. Blend and scrap for a couple minutes until creamy and smooth.

Pack into jar or container and keep in fridge. We use our chickpea nofu the day after I make it to make our "chickpea nofu butter" and keep in fridge for 2 weeks.


Anonymous said...

We use dried yellow peas for something quite similar...we cook it like cream of wheat or rice...(I soak the peas for 24 hrs, then toast them...then grind them up in the flour mill) It comes out a thick nutty flavored spread that I use in hoisin sauce and sate. Depending on what we are using it for depends on what seasoning and if I add coconut milk.

We also make an energy bar with the pea or lentil flour (I sprout all my flours except teff)or a combo. I add 3 cups of pea flour and 1 cup teff. If I am adding spices...I add it with the flour and blend it up. I add about a cup of shortening, and then sweetening to taste or instead of sweet...I have added tomatoes with onion. I dump this into a bowl with around 2/3 cup of coconut milk and add coconut and fruit to liking if sweet...if savory...I add ground flax...make in to logs and freeze. We like em best frozen...but are fine not. It is a good hig

Diane said...

Great minds right? I love your take on this! We just introduced lentils again a few months back-
3 years ago I had no idea why folks sprouted, fermented, - I sure have learned a lot! I haven't done a lot of grain sprouting, but you have encouraged me. I know it is easier to digest, and once the grain sprouts it offers different nutrition- so definitely a good time to start. We sprout greens frequently, bean sprouts, alfalfa, radish.. so grain should be easy once I get some tray's set up for it.
lentils offer a different profile then chickpeas, and I am excited to add a few in.. she does best with the urad- so will start there! You have no idea how thrilled I am you are sharing! You have just doubled up some new avenues for Abby to eat! :-)

Anonymous said...

I make this with soaked and toasted yellow split peas....we use it like pea nut butter for sate and hoison sauce...even cookies....really like it. The toasted peas taste closer to peanut butter than most we have tried.
hugs to you and Abby both...

Anonymous said...

We found coconut butter recently....I make it so we can do whatever we like..lol. I started making it and then a kiddo had a yen for molasses so I added some in and the kids tell me it tasted like peanut butter...to me...it is just yummy!
I make a 1.5 qt jar at least once or twice a week.
Thank God for coconut and chickpeas!!

The Christians said...

Hmm...any thoughts on what to sub for the coconut cream here? I'm wondering if hemp milk and a couple of tablespoons of safflower oil would work.

Diane said...

I do think you could sub out the coconut cream.. safe oil, etc . I think you would have to play with it for a bit.. but thinking... :-)

The Christians said...

I will definitely play around with it! I'm just glad to know this might be an idea!

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