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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We LOVE this time of year..

Can you guess why? The food? No. The weather? No. Halloween? Well, yes that is important, but the very best part? TV Season!

We are All American, joyful, Couch Potatoes. After what to us is almost an agonizingly long summer of being housebound with cruddy TV, the fall brings new life to our tube!

In previous summers the girls and Derek loved the movies- it was their weekly entertainment to look forward to, to plan and sometimes to fight over! How they loved dragging Derek to various chick flicks, or how they loved sharing a good sci fi flick with him. This summer Abby could not handle the theater. Not much on the TV and she was awake a lot more! Long summer this year.

We are avid readers- Sara and Abby both were dragging around Tolstoy to King from the time they started recognizing words in her their toddler years, but our hearts are with mindless and entertaining TV.

Don't be scandalized, but we don't nor have we ever edited reading or TV or computer materials. Sara and Abby both at age 2 might be watching Lion King, and then want to watch Feet of flames or Riverdance, and then flip to some horror movie within hours. They read what they found at the library or at home. Might be the Giving Tree and by before school even the Color Purple. As soon as they found the internet they were like duckies to water- I am sure they surfed plenty of sexual material. Probably all sorts of stuff most parents would freak over and honestly had I seen it, I would have made them close it, but "what I don't know,I don't have to monitor". But, since they were little their minds were always way beyond their bodies. I could never decide which was more humorous when they were in lower primary school- that they were trying to teach themselves a computer language in order to program offensive material onto websites or that they wanted to learn to pole dance. Their imaginations have always had free reign.

Derek and I were wild- I mean really really wild, like parents worst nightmare teens. If you gave us a reason to rebel we jumped for it. Since we knew very quickly with the girls that they were likely smarter then we were, we decided to not give them any reason to rebel. We let them curse at home. Watch horror movies at age 5 on a school night(still had an 8pm bedtime).. but they also had the ability to understand that with that right came the same rules I live by- fine to curse, but don't do it in public, it is offensive and not attractive. Don't talk about sex with your 5-7 year old friends. Parents don't like that. Not hard at all. It worked. Sara and Abby are soooooooooo NOT rebellious. They enjoy us. No tattoo's, no teen pregnancies, no sneaking out at night, no pot smoking, these girls are so squeaky clean it is almost alarming! Their idea of wild is ignoring us and steering clear of us for a day or two,or when Sara insisted on staying at the dorm for college.. Really.

This time of year means we fight for the best real estate on the couch. Admittedly, Derek and I take advantage of our age and "parental right" to have the most comfortable seating, and even for Abby we usually won't budge. We look forward to dinner together every night and the evenings shows. New shows, sitcoms from last year, old favorites and new. Always the Simpsons. We have watched that the girl's entire lives every night on Fox. Now we love Big Bang theory! Abby even got a Soft Kitty T-shirt this past Christmas. We love Revolution, we ADORE the Walking Dead, we love The Boardwalk, we love Dexter, True Blood... We LOVE Hope, We LOVE New Girl! Fringe,American Dad,The family Guy, endless! Don't get me started on reruns! From MASH marathon's to I dream of Jeannie,X-Files,Star Trek . We watch it all!. Food Network, Bravo( Project Runway!) Discovery, History, ID. I sometimes think we are the only American Family that truly appreciate every channel we subscribe to through our direct tv.

Tonight as I watch the Voice I have to wonder if all this TV is good for us? I suspect so many episodes of Big Rich Texas likely knocks some IQ points off.. And do I really need to watch the Real House Wives of NY? I am pretty sure that is not their "real life" still... Animal Cops makes me weep and want to adopt every animal..

Nope- not going to feel any guiltier about our devotion to fiction then I do about our sugar addiction. They both serve a purpose. Sugar helps Abby digest and hold her weight and TV keeps us sane. We have gone years in the past without cable and survived just fine, so we can live without. It offers us time together. No health issues, no money issues and no outside world realities. I remember when Sara was just a toddler and Abby was a baby we went to visit my Uncle. My cousins are beyond brilliant, like crazy breath taking Actuary kind of smarts. At the time I had been told that too much TV was bad for children- My Uncle pointed over to my cousins and said - "you think they got that smart from listening to me? They watched the boob every second they could."

Our lives physically are in these 4 walls often, but our minds fly free, always have and always will.

Gotta close, Revolution is about to kick on and it is such a great series and deserves my full attention!


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