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Thursday, November 29, 2012

An Organization Worth Giving to-

After my epic rant yesterday, I was pleased to get a note from MitoAction explaining how their Marcel's Way grant process works.

It is not based purely on income. However, it is completely based on "need."

Each and every application goes through multiple review processes. It takes more then just a note from a Dr. They have a multi review process. No one who works for their organization is eligible. Various professionals will review each and every application to confirm a true need.

I "get" that someone making 150,000 a year can have medical costs that exceed 50 percent of their income which would leave the best of us in the poor house. Some expenses to keep children alive and stable are not covered by traditional private insurance.
Then there are those who only make 50,000 a year but their medical costs don't exceed 10 percent of their income. So "need" can be more relevant then a system based purely on income.

I know the year before last, Derek and I figured up our medical costs at tax time and far more then 30 percent of our income in 2011 went to medical costs- that stung. We managed but had that exceeded 50 percent we would have run into some serious fiscal dilemma's. Yet, those are our bills, our burden not the taxpayer, though I really think hospital systems ought to offer frequent flyer miles! :-)

More then anything I appreciate MitoAction's willingness to provide transparency. They also have committed strongly to take each application on a very individualized basis. That shows a true commitment on their part to serve the neediest. I applaud them.

I have watched MitoAction this year do a lot of good in the Mito Community. They have reached out to the patient. They patiently provide patient education. They clarify and support. Some of the other organizations haven't supported the patient first but more the specialist first which is good, we really do need both, but if you want to touch the life of a mito patient directly and really make a difference send your donation to MitoAction.

I still feel strongly that medicaid should not be based on illness it should be based on income like it is for every other American. Just my 2 cents. I am very against Socialized medicine, Obamacare, and redistribution. I feel strongly that if you also feel strongly about our Country not becoming socialized then if you have the means you should cover your own expenses.

Consider a Senior Citizen who has no parents to look after them and they are suffering with cancer and heart disease. They have to sell their home and use that money for meds.. until all their assets are proved long gone they cannot qualify for medicaid. No pain meds for them right?


A sick child whose parents have private insurance, a nice home, a good income. Who gets medicaid because of a diagnosis and not income. Who could afford to get their child their meds. Might mean a smaller house, or an older car but can do it.

Tell me, if you didn't have a sick child nor a sick elderly grandparent, who do you think should be eligible for medicaid? The senior who cannot work, who has no family or parents with cash or the child who has parents with plenty to take care of them?

It should be based on income for ALL.

America has a huge health care issue- but giving taxpayer money to families who don't need it as much as another simply because of a diagnosis? Isn't right.

The cost of Healthcare isn't right either.

Maybe I am the odd bird, but I cannot just think about my families needs and wants without thinking about the consequences of my decisions on my neighbors, Seniors too sick and too poor to get care,family and maybe grandchildren one day. I don't want to be part of the problem, or to teach my daughters to look no further then their own needs- no matter how tragic it goes much deeper then that.


The M's said...

Hey Diane,

So glad MitoAction shared with you about their mission and how they are handling it. I wanted to share about them, as well as Make A Wish on your other post, but hadn't had a chance to yet. I am sure their explanation was better than anything I could have written!!

However, I will try with Make A Wish.....we have been actively involved with MAW for the last ten years, since they granted the wishes of my kids. MAW has never been about financial need.....they never have asked for anything in that respect.....but about granting the greatest wish a child fighting a life threatening disease could have. In this case, "need" is defined as providing an escape or something that lifts the spirits of the child and their family. For us, it gave us something to look forward to, and then memories we could hold on to. And while yes, had their been a financial qualification we would have no doubt met it, that's not the mission of the organization. It's about the process and fulfilling a wish, and it is often a life changing experience as it was for us.

I think defining a "need" is subjective, and it's not just about a financial need....sometimes it's deeper than that. Sometimes it's just knowing someone out there cares.

In the end, giving is about doing what feels right to you. Research where your money is going, give to those that are fulfilling a need you believe in, and then give and let it go. It's never going to be perfect, but the joy is in the giving of yourself on some way. Lord knows most of our giving is not financial, but giving of ourselves!!

Finally, one note on the Medicaid thing....when your talking about kids, here in Texas it absolutely is based on income initially. There are waiver programs that come into play that are based on needs due to illness, but we have 7+ year wait lists for those in our state. I know because we were on those wait lists for 7+ years!! Once you do the waiting, then the criteria for getting help based on the child's medical needs are stringent and thorough. There is a loop hole for one of those programs, that allows for a child to get on more quickly, but again, the medical needs have to be significant. There is not financial gain from the waiver....it provides respite & nursing care, alternative therapies, and Medicaid coverage, but no one is going to get rich having their copays covered, however the coverage can make it possible to live with serious medical issues

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