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Friday, November 30, 2012

Candy Cane Rice Crispies(Gluten-free, corn-free, dairy-free, soy-free)

Well, "puffed rice".

I made my own cane syrup the other day. Worked well and gobs cheaper then my beloved Lyle's golden syrup. After I made the syrup, I had to try it to see if it would work as well as Lyle's. I decided on Marshmallow fluff(not frosting similar but different.)

The Marshmallow fluff worked! Now what to do with it?

I made Abby safe crispie treats. Puffed rice(arrowhead mills, we have some concerns about corn contamination but had 1 bag left in the pantry needing to be used), homemade marshmallow creme, palm shortening(for candy making palm shortening works better the coconut oil.) a shot of salt, some crushed candy cane..

1/2 cup palm shortening
1 1/2 cup marshmallow creme
well crushed candy cane
dash of salt
3 cups puffed rice(puffed rice seems to "absorb" more so I use less then a standard crispy recipe to make sure they are chewy and not dry.)

First, melt the palm shortening on medium heat and sprinkle the crushed candy cane in- stir constantly until candy cane is melted and well blended. Add marshmallow creme and salt and stir until combined. Pour over puffed rice and pat into 8x8 pan. Top with more crushed candy cane.

Done! Delicious! Used up a candy cane or two. Abby pointed out that the candy cane on top looks like red onion but it did not stop her from sampling. Because of the natural colorings in the candy canes they aren't as vibrant.

The cane syrup recipe I used is at theKitchn

The marshmallow creme recipe I used is here at Chow

With the Marshmallow creme I only had to substituted the homemade Cane Syrup for corn syrup-and followed the recipe besides that swap.


Reagan Leigh said...

OK,OK!!! How are you all not 300 pounds?!?! Everything you make sounds SO good!!! (I do have a weakness for anything peppermint flavored!)

Diane said...

Really though, I cook and bake more then we eat! LOL I have a whole bunch of local willing victims to practice on.. so moderation.. sigh. I would rather eat it all though! :-) Been a battle this season to keep the weight under control I have to admit. I also stock pile blog postings- so some recipes I made months ago and have them ready to go when I need to post :-)
Until we went chocolate free I never liked peppermint, however without chocolate to tempt me, I really really like peppermint now! :-)

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