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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Abby wasn't quite up to handing out candy, but she enjoyed hearing the screams echoing out of the "haunted entry!" :-) Every once in awhile I would come in to refill the candy and Abby and Sara were chuckling over the screams and giggles they heard coming through the walls. Even the poodles were enjoying themselves(since we handed candy outside no doorbell to drive them insane!). It was a good night.

It was worth the work. The kids flooded the yard to get "scared". The parents were grinning, and I gotta say, everyone really was on their best behavior. My neighbors have some really terrific and well behaved kids. If I offered the bowl, they would grab just one toy or one piece of candy- I had to grab a handful for their bags to get them to take more! It was delightful to see a few run to their parents with their eyes sparkling to show them their cool "treats!" Certainly some kodak moments happening last night.

We had some wonderful screams! A couple maybe got a little too scared and confused and tried to dart to the relative safety of the inside of our house! LOL Thankfully, once they made it back out they found the humor and at least a couple were brave enough to go through a second time! LOL

I stood at the end of driveway to warn the clearly tentative ones and little ones. The look of relief on their faces when I brought the candy to them was almost as good as the screams and giggles from the braver ones! We had a few attempt to go in and decide it wasn't worth it.

Years and years ago when we first moved to Texas, Halloween was one of the things we found that Texas just did bigger and better then anywhere else. We will always be grateful to our previous neighbors who went the extra mile to give my girls amazing Halloween memories! Derek would take the girls out and Sara was always the brave one and would come home ready to drop off her sissy and head back out. Abby would start the night bravely and usually end up being carried back home by Derek, scared and tired enough to appreciate being held, but not so scared that she wasn't sparkling with the adventure of the night. By September each year we were planning out costumes and makeup- a very big deal to my girls.

We are the kind of keep to ourselves neighbors, until Halloween. When we volunteer it is generally via cash and not in person. Between Abby's health needs and just our personalities we tend to keep to ourselves. As we have gotten older we have found that those memories our neighbors gave our daughters are priceless, and we are grateful. We figured if we setup for Halloween it is our gift back to our community. The parents were smiling, the children will be chattering about the neighbors who scared them and handed out great candy at school today. We don't want to be the stars of Halloween, we want to be the neighbors who helped create memories,who took our turn to give back... 10-15 years from now when their children are the age of ours, they will look back like we do and realize how invaluable those memories are. We hope when their children are too old to trick or treat( yes, you can be too old!)they will setup a great Halloween display and give memories to the new young families in the neighborhood.

It was so neat to see some of the kids I remember from last year. The twin little girls who weren't old enough to talk much last year, came back out and told me all sorts of stories(hoping they slept last night!)A few pre-teen's I am certain were just little kids last year and somehow in one year did all sorts of growing up. We met a few new neighbors. A few new babies joined the world this year and enjoyed the attention their absolute cuteness brought to them. It was a good night. Sometimes I think I should have had at least a few more kids.

Today we are are so fractured with our fragmented political beliefs, with our religious beliefs..our Country is too divided right now. It is far more the normal for families to move state to state for work instead of growing roots in one community. Our communities have suffered. Halloween is cement between all of us. Derek and I remember every single Halloween, every costume. Back in the day, EVERYONE trick or treated with the exception of a few very religious(we wore costumes to school!). We trusted our neighbors, we knew our neighbors. Everyone put aside any personal beliefs and came together to celebrate and make memories. Derek and I have never seen Halloween as a "religious" or "wrong" or "Pagan" holiday, it is the Great American Holiday. The American Kids Holiday. In a lot of ways it is our responsibility as parents to provide these memories to cement our culture.

I loved reading through everyone's blogs this morning! Amazing costumes, amazing memories. Best of all, the warmth and security of being part of a Community.

Now, to start planning the Christmas decorations! :-)


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