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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Homemade "Instant" pudding (corn free, dairy free, soy free,egg free,nut free)

My newest addiction- Ultratex 8

My first efforts using this were questionable, but now that I know "how" it is AMAZING!
I "think" this is just modified tapioca but cannot say with certainty. I did originally put gluten free in my header, but thought I better pull that back out just in case. If anyone knows this is an absolutely safe gluten-free product, please let me know.

Ultratex 8 is modified tapioca starch that thickens without heat. It is so smooth, no starchy or raw flour feel in the mouth- I think their ad says, "Good mouth feel" and boy are they right!

There is some question about the potential allergen's in this product, but so far Abby has tried it a few times and no reactions.

The biggest trick to this product: You must mix it in the blender or high speed mixing, and you must slowly sprinkle it in to the liquid to prevent "lumps". Once you understand that, you are gonna love this stuff!

I made a "Lemon Instant Pudding".

Juice of two fresh lemons
1 1/2 cup coconut milk
1 cup sugar

4 1/2 Tablespoons Ultratex 8( 1/2 T more for "pie filling" or 1/2 less for a thinner application)

Mine wasn't exactly "instant" because I opted to use granulated cane sugar. I mixed the lemon juice, coconut milk and sugar together and threw it in the microwave for 3 1/2 minutes to melt the sugar. I put it in the fridge(freezer hurries the process) to chill. Don't panic if this separates into layers when it is chilled, it blends right back together again.

Once chilled I used my hand mixer on medium-high speed and while it was running I slowly sprinkled the Ultratex in making sure to blend it well before adding anymore.

That was it- done and ready to serve. Neat huh?

You could us Lyle's golden syrup or other liquid sweetener in any milk of your choice with maybe cocoa powder for chocolate? Or just vanilla extract? How about pumpkin pudding? Cranberry? Blueberry? Options are endless. This is even better because it is egg free.

To have the ability to whip up vanilla pudding in the same time it takes to open a package of instant pudding just thrills me.

FYI- Ultratex is NOT cheap. It is heart attack expensive. But, it really goes a long way. As long as Abby doesn't react, this will become a mainstay in my cabinet.

As always, you will need to make sure this product doesn't have any allergens for you in it. My fingers are crossed Abby continues to tolerate it well.


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