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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I am Thankful

Day before T-Day and I have shared all my T-day recipes except the stuffing, and I think stuffing is one of those things where no one else's is going to ever taste as good as their own.
Pies and a few other prep's today and then eat. My mind has already moved forward to the Christmas menu! Going to hold off though.
Abby is on her 3rd cold! Which at first I was pleased that she was even getting a cold! But 3 in a row is a little much. She is bouncing back after even fighting off a sinus infection. I hate to give her antibiotics, they are what triggered Abby's shutdown last year. So we are getting through the sinus junk without.. I have had the same muck along with her and so we both are sucking it up - saline spray, essential oils, and lots of chicken soup and sleep. Hoping she gets a couple weeks at least of no colds to recharge and enjoy this time of year.

I am thankful for Derek,Sara and Abby. They are the smartest, kindest and most moral people I have ever met. To have daughters who chid me gently not to judge others for their ignorance, or selfishness is a very big gift- They tell me gently, I am better then that. My family is a gift.

I am thankful that Derek has a job. My thoughts are with the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are without jobs,food, security and homes. My thoughts are with the thousands upon thousands who will also lose everything they worked for in the upcoming years. My heart breaks for those who have grown dependent on the government healthcare, foodstamps, medicaid, cellphones- they have lost their freedom for a free cellphone. I hope we can shrink Government one day and start encouraging Americans to learn to fish again instead of depending on free fish.

I am thankful to live in Texas. For years I did not appreciate Texas or Texans. After living back home in Seattle for 2 years we realized we missed Texas! As we drove into the state, we stopped the car as we crossed the border into the state to put our feet on the ground,we admitted at that moment, no place would ever fit us better then Texas. We are born again Texans. Free thinkers, who value hard work, who play hard, but fair.

I am most thankful this year for food. For the food that has stabilized Abby. Last year at Thanksgiving we lived in fear that she would continue to get worse, that whatever illness ails her be that the Mitochondrial Depletion or something else would destroy her very quickly. A lot of hard work, a lot of learning about food, and a huge effort from team Neuman and we have a new appreciation for food and life in general.

I am grateful for my friends who put up with my eccentric approach to all things.

Thankful for the courage to start Project Elimination. I am a terrible leader, not really a great Indian either :-). Going against the Mito Protocol or Mito Medicine really even modern medicine(look up functional medicine we fit that a bit better minus taking supplements which I think are bad too at least for Abby) or at least "delaying" it was not easy. Like every parent I want to DO everything for Abby, but despite the diagnoses the treatment did not fit- it wasn't arrogance that I knew more, I just knew a feeding tube, supplements, hospitals, Drs visits were going to make things worse not better. Abby had gotten better once before so I placed my money on her getting better again given the right environment, rest, clean foods and time. Stable is not enough for me. Better is and we are there and working hard for even better.

I am most thankful this year for all my Internet Mama's! Whether we share an interest in sewing machines, politics, growing organics, mito, mast or allergies! Whether we even have similar philosophies or not, you have shared your knowledge and helped me put the pieces together to do what works for Abby- Thankful for you all.


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