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Monday, December 31, 2012

Abby Coconut Falooda(dairy free, corn free, gluten free, soy free)

I found something called Hairy Basil Seeds at the Vietnamese market- threw them in my cart because they were so cheap and anything that says "basil" tempts me.

When I got home and looked them up, I was pleased to find that they are used very much like Chia Seed.(They are often used in alternative medicine for a natural diuretic and to ease constipation. There are a number of other values as well.)

Then I went to look at recipes- first thing that popped up were they fabulous pink concoctions in a glass that reminded me of an old school strawberry milkshake.

Course had to do it.

There are lots of various recipes for Falooda. Some are in a glass, some on a plate, usually they call for rose water or rose syrup and often strawberry.

We have not tried any rose extracts with Abby and not ready to either. She also cannot have strawberry. She can have blueberry but we do a lot of blueberry and I wanted to try something to make it pink! So made some pomegranate syrup from a fresh pomegranate. Very easy, I juiced it like I would a lemon and sifted any wayward seeds out. Added sugar and some fresh lemon juice and heated till the sugar was melted- a really lovely vibrant red color.

Then the noodles. Yes! This dessert has noodles! Still not sure how I feel about that part, but we decided for our first attempt it might not be the best idea since none of us could wrap our minds around noodles and ice cream! So, I had some fresh young coconut shreds in the freezer, we decided to use those. I simply put some coconut milk, and pomegranate syrup in a pan with the coconut shreds and heated it to help absorb the color. Turned a soft lavender color- worked for us!

The "ice cream" part was easy. Who doesn't have some safe vanilla ice cream in their freezer?( we make Abby's with a coconut milk base)

The Hairy Basil just needed to have liquid added to swell and get soft(about an hour in the fridge.(1 Tablespoon hairy basil seed or chia to 1/4 cup water)

Lastly a lot of the recipes call for a "jelly layer" . I simply warmed some of the pom syrup and added some gelatin I had bloomed first to help it thicken.

There are what feels like a ton of components, but if you made an ice cream sundae or any number of western desserts with layers you would run into the same amount of ingredients.

Next time we might just try noodles in our Falooda! :-)


1 fresh Pomegranate juiced
2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice.
2 cups of sugar

I juiced our Pom like I would a lemon. A bit of work but not too bad. Combined the pom juice, lemon juice and sugar in a saucepan and heated until the sugar was completely dissolved. Then stuck the "syrup" in the fridge to chill.

Coconut Milk Ice Cream. (We make our own but you can buy it or make your own)

Basil seed layer:
1 Tablespoon Hairy Basil or Chia seed
1/4 cup water.

Combine and place in fridge to chill and soften.

Coconut Layer:
Fresh shredded coconut(aprox 1/2 cup)
3 tablepoons pom juice/syrup
1 tablespooon coconut milk

Combine in sauce pan and heat to a quick boil. Take off heat. Stir well and place in fridge to cool.

Pom Jelly:

1/4 cup water
1 teaspoon unflavored gelatin
Pomegranate syrup

Pour 1/4 cup cool water in a bowl. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of gelatin across the top to allow to bloom. Heat up about 1/2 to 3/4 cup pom syrup on stove. When it hits the simmer point stir in your dissolved gelatin. Stir well for 1-3 minutes to ensure the gelatin is completely dissolved.

Chill in fridge completely.

Then layer! I did syrup, shreds,basil seeds, pom jelly, then the coconut milk ice cream and topped with pom seeds. It tasted as amazing as it looks!

Try any flavor- strawberry, blueberry, mango- sky is the limit!

Lastly, the hairy basil seeds had the texture of tapioca or chia- no flavor. They were simply perfect.


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