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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Coconut Sour Cream So Easy Dairy Free and Soy Free

Essential in our home.

It is not the same as dairy sour cream, but close enough. Helps in baking and soups and of course to top a baked potato(or potato pancake!).

1 cup of coconut cream off the top of a cold can of coconut milk
1 Tablespoon of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar(This is universally accepted as corn free).

Mix the coconut milk(hard cream part)with the Braggs(or vinegar of your choice) and stick it back in the fridge- Feel free to use less or more vinegar to your taste.

That is it!

I usually keep coconut milk in a can in my fridge for that in a pinch moment, and I also make coconut milk from scratch, but for ease I know more folks are familiar with canned.

Ideally, you want a full fat coconut milk. With NOTHING but coconut milk in the can- if you use coconut milk that has guar, or other thickeners your cream will not rise to the top and harden in the fridge overnight. Thai kitchens(most commonly accepted as corn-free), Golden Star(corn-lite)and a couple other brands are safer for corn allergies.(these are what we use, please make sure any ingredients are safe for your allergies.)

Golden Star by far has the most "hard cream" in each can- sometimes as much as 3/4 ths of the can will be hard cream with very little coconut water in the bottom. I figured that would be a better visual for this post.

I keep the coconut water and use it when a recipe calls for water or in a smoothie or in coconut ice cream, once opened I keep for up to a week in the fridge.


Jeannette Shields said...

I do not know where to buy a can of coconut cream. I live in a small town. I would really like the recipe for your homemade. Thank you.

Diane said...

Homemade coconut milk is very easy. I buy either fresh coconut flakes or dried unsweetened coconut flakes. I add about 3 cups clean water to 1 cup coconut flakes and allow to soak overnight. I put the flakes and the water into my ninja blender(any good blender). I blend and occasionally scrap down the sides. You may note lots of creamy coconut cream clinging to the sides of the blender- you want that goodness! I scrap my blender clean and pour it all into a sauce pan(or microwave)and gently heat it until about 80 degrees(that will melt the coconut cream) then I run it back through the blender. When it is warm enough the cream should not cling to the sides. Once it is blended for another minute or two I pour it through a fine mesh strainer. Then into the fridge overnight. In the morning, the top portion of the milk should have a firm layer of the "cream" on top.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea....so much of our diet is coconut related. What do you do with your shred? I tried to make coconut flour...but not had really good luck. Just doesn't get fine enough.


Diane said...

I haven't found any good use for my shreds after I make milk with it.. I hate wasting it. I have mixed it into crusts, breads, toasted and used it for texture- but overall, it is a waste .
I panic at the thought of feeding my family without coconut! It has been key to eliminating so much that was making her sick.. chickpea's and coconut keep us feed around here! :-)

Anonymous said...

I made some milk today and I added the shreds like coconut flour..and seemed fine...at least for what I was doing

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