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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Definitely feeling better..

After a good 19 hours of sleep she feels better. Slowly climbing out of the hole.

She actually felt pretty good after all that sleep so I am hopeful she will continue the upward climb. Last night she was nearly "spunky" :-)

If she follows pattern, she will have a good day, bad day, iffy day, and slowly add more and more good/stable days. Works for me and for Abby.

You can see in her face she is off still, but even that looked better.

Now, to prevent another cold and NO allergens! :-)

I give Abby serious credit, the fact that she is patient and calm to weather these lows, that she has the strength to suck it up because she knows in the long run it is a better option. Most folks would throw in the towel after a week or two of misery.

Fingers crossed. Another couple good days of sleep and she should reset nicely.


Laura Cox said...

Way to go Abby!

Diane said...

Abby said to tell you Thanks! She said she hopes Will gets a bounce too for Christmas! Hugs!

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