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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Easiest Dairy Free Mashed Potatoes

Abby simply loves these. In some homes rice or bread is the staple(we like those too!),but at our house it is Abby's Potatoes. No corn, no soy, no gluten- easy and fast!

We peel Abby's for 2 reasons. 1) she struggles to digest the peels 2)Even with organic potato's we worry about what may be on the peel. A shame because the peel is loaded with good nutrition- in the old days(pre-project elimination)I always kept the peels despite objections from those in the house craving "smooth" potato's.

3 russet potatoes(or red,gold,Idaho)scrubbed and peeled.

1/2-3/4 cup coconut yogurt plain (depends on the potatoes how much you will need)
1/4 cup coconut sour cream

Salt and Pepper.

(I have a recipe for coconut yogurt on this blog or if you are able you can use So Delicious coconut yogurt plain.)
We slice the potatoes thin because Abby is always in a hurry for a fresh pot. I boil until they start falling apart when I pierce a slice with a butter knife or fork.

Strain the potatoes. Add the yogurt and coconut sour cream(don't need the sour cream and we don't always use it.)

I use a handmixer. I mix them pretty hard and they never turn gluey! :-) You will have to use your judgement on whether these need more or less coconut yogurt- it really varies with each batch. You can always add some coconut milk, or rice milk but the yogurt just gives them that great rich and creaminess.

You can make a huge batch of these and freeze. We line a cookie sheet. Using 1/2 cup scoop I scoop out the 1/2 cup sized portions onto the lined the cookie sheet and freeze. When frozen hard move all of your frozen "lumps" into one container. Abby can then pull one serving at a time out and warm up.

You can use these potatoes to make potato pancakes, a scoop in a potato bread recipe, to top a savory pie. Endless.

I like these best topped with chives but Abby is a purist when it comes to her potatoes.


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