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Friday, December 7, 2012

Fast "Corned Chicken" Hash

From the picture, you can tell I would never win an award for a pretty egg, but it's cooked right?

We do a ton of homemade chicken broth. Being that the only meat that Abby can eat is chicken we have tried to substitute chicken where we could. I have found I hate cutting up whole chickens- and I do a terrible job. Most local chickens will come whole. My solution is to throw the whole thing in the pressure cooker and then pick the chicken.

So, what to do with a lot of picked chicken breast? Why not make hash? I happen to LOVE corned beef. To make corned beef, you put a brisket in a brine for 10 Days! Considering that chicken is teeming with bacteria not a good idea. We came up with this "fast" version. Not the same, but the flavors give you that "reminder" of what corned beef hash tastes like, which worked out perfectly! A good way to use up that pile of cooked chicken.

Pickling spices:(you can buy "pickling spice" already premixed, but with allergies we find making our mix with safe ingredients the safer option. If you do use the premixed pickling spice I would use 1 teaspoon per cooked chicken breast.)

Equal amounts(for 1 breast just an equal dash of each. Which should end up around 1 teaspoon of spices combined)

ground mustard
ground coriander
red pepper flakes
ground cloves
coarse ground black peppercorns
ground cardamom
ground ginger

Also add:

1 bay leaf
2 teaspoons brown sugar or honey
2 teaspoons Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 cup purified water.
parsley flakes(Abby likes them on EVERYTHING!)

Combine all ingredients.

Add 1 diced cooked chicken breast. Seal it up and make sure all the chicken pieces get a good coating of the marinade.

Allow to marinate for at least 1 hour and preferably overnight in the fridge.

To make the "Hash"

1 diced and peeled potato(I try to dice the same size as the chicken).
1 finely diced onion
1 finely diced or shredded carrot
1 Tablespoon coconut oil.

Drain the marinade from your diced chicken(a little bit isn't a problem) and add the chicken,potato,onion,carrot to a skillet with the coconut oil already melted in it. Cover and cook on medium low until potatoes and carrots are tender. (aprox 30minutes) You can uncover and turn the heat up for the last ten minutes to get some browning on your hash- Abby likes this browned or soft. Don't mix too much after it hits the halfway point for cooking- instead of "hash" you will get "mash!" Tastes fine "mashed" but we are trying for "Hash."

I have also sauteed the onion's and carrots first, then added the diced potato's and about 10 minutes before it is done cooking I have added the chicken. The advantage is that the chicken won't fall into bits and the hash will "look" more defined - either way it tastes delicious!

If at any point in the cooking this appears too dry you can either add a Tablespoon or two of chicken broth(what I do) or some extra coconut oil(how Derek would do!)


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