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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Injera "CHIPS"

I had a few leftover Injera from yesterday. I could have wrapped and frozen them or they would have kept wrapped in the fridge for a week, but I started wondering if I could make a "cracker" out of them.

coconut oil
pink himalayan salt

I used my biscuit cutter and cut rounds. I brushed a bit of coconut oil on them and lightly salted.

Baked at 250 for 30 minutes on each side.

Some were more crisp then others because my injera bread varied in thickness. The flavor was terrific! Abby said the texture reminded her of a toasted bagel, parts were crisp from toasting and some chewy- she gave it a thumbs up!

Honestly, had they not been worthy of eating, the smell of them toasting was worth it! It is such a rich nutty smell, with very very delicate chocolate undertones- we were drooling by the time they came out! They don't "taste" like chocolate, but just that rich undertone of a smell was all we needed.

These are "sturdy" so would be terrific topped with juicy toppings. I cannot help but think of smoked salmon and cream cheese- which of course Abby cannot have, but I wonder what other yummy topping I can come up with? Even then Abby said she was perfectly happy to eat them plain.

Another good reason to make injera!


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