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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Make your Own Sprinkles!

2-3 cups powdered sugar(homemade or corn-free store bought)
1 raw egg white(you could use carton egg whites or powdered if your allergies allow you to, but fresh is best.)
Pomegranate juice(Fresh)

Basically royal icing. I placed 2 cups of the sugar in a bowl. 1 egg white and kept adding pomegranate juice and mixing(I just used a fork and mixed till smooth) until it had good color and texture. (aprox 1/4 cup to get that lavender color.)You can add more sugar or tapioca starch if you think it is too runny still or you add more juice for a more vibrant color.

I piped out long thin lines of this onto parchment paper. I then let it dry all day. Once it was hard I used a knife and broke them up into sprinkle size pieces.

I was pretty pleased with my rustic lavender sprinkles! My next batch I am going to try to do tiny stars(with a different piping tip)and throw them in the dehydrator to hurry up the process.


The Christians said...

Great idea with the stars! Hmmm...I need to try this one!

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