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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Maple Cream

A Member on my corn allergy group shared a recipe for Maple Cream.

IT was soooo easy I could not resist giving it a try. Ideally, I would have wished mine to be a bit thicker but I am thinking I did not get it completely to 233 degrees(I really should have put my glasses on!)or maybe it is because I used a Grade B Maple Syrup? Either way, this stuff is good and EASY!

1 Cup Maple Syrup

Candy thermometer

deep saucepan( when it starts getting hot it really foams high!)

On medium temp bring 1 cup maple syrup to 233 degrees- DO NOT STIR

Take off heat and allow to cool to 110 degree's(about room temperature)DO NOT STIR or DISTURB while cooling.

Once it is down to around 110 degrees get out your wooden spoon and start stirring. I used long slow almost a pulling motion with mine. FYI: A lot of STIRRING!

My maple syrup is a dark amber color, and from the picture above you can see it turn opaque and caramel colored from stirring.

Once I thought I could not stir anymore, I was a little disappointed mine was still pretty soft, not really "spreadable." I was glad I only used 1 cup of my spendy maple syrup. I then put it in the fridge thinking I would figure it out today.

In just a couple hours it had thickened up nicely! Now a jar of spreadable Maple cream.
Now of course I am wondering what type of concoction I can make out of it! Maybe nofu/maple truffles? Or maybe just keep it for a spread on toast.. or a drizzle on coconut milk ice cream?


Anonymous said...

I just made some! It melts on my tongue. So yummy! We are trying candy molds too.

Diane said...

Oh that would be good, I love those little maple candies- YUM! I was shocked at how easy this was! :-) Makes it even better doesn't it? Glad you enjoyed!

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