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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nofu and Double Potato Irish Potato Candy

I had some homemade powdered sugar in the pantry and nofu butter in the fridge- of course I thought I just have to make Irish Potato Candy.

In my 20's a friend of mine introduced me to this easy, sweet, no cook candy. Always a favorite especially on a budget and sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.


1/4 cup mashed idaho potato(boil,mash don't add anything.)

3 cups powdered sugar

vanilla if you would like.


Any fillings you can think of.. peanut butter is commonly used, but since we cannot I used my nofu butter to fill it instead.(You can search my blog for the recipe.)

I also had some leftover plain mashed sweet potato in the fridge. I added spice(nutmeg, allspice,ginger, clove)1 Tablespoon coconut oil(added benefit and to add some "creaminess.". Also added a bit of brown sugar to taste.

1)Put your 1/4 cup mashed potato in a bowl and use a fork to get it as smooth as possible.(I added my vanilla at this pt.)

2) Add 1/2 cup of powdered sugar and start mixing. Soon it will turn into almost a water! Don't panic, this is supposed to happen!

3)Add in 1/2 cup powdered sugar at a time until you make a sticky dough.

4) I then throw a good layer of powdered sugar on a clean,dry counter top. Knead the dough a bit and roll out. Add powdered sugar as needed to roll smooth and keep from sticking to the counter. 1/4 inch is recommended. Too thin it is impossible to roll, too thick and the slices will have more dough then filling. Spread your choice of filling on the dough, and roll up like a cinnamon roll.

5) Slice and enjoy!

I have seen a zillion idea's for this candy. Some have stopped adding powdered sugar to the dough when it was still a very soft cookie batter texture. At this point they add cocoa powder, or finely shredded coconut and roll into balls. Some dip in melted chocolate.

Fast,easy, delicious, No Cook Candy.


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