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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Ninja and Rice Flour

In the world of food allergies we all find ourselves having to cook much of our food from scratch.

A good blender is essential.

We talk a lot about the merits of the vitamix, the Blendtec, and the Ninja.

I am cheap and frugal, but I also "get" you get what you pay for...

The price on the vitamix has dropped drastically in the last 6 months, and again the discussions of which blender is best is a popular topic.

When I bought the Ninja I figured worse case, I could return it. My first experiment was ice cubes. I threw in about 6 big cubes and in seconds I had fluffy snow. I was terribly impressed. Might be because the most I had spent in my previous years on a blender was 40 bucks or just a great machine.

The ladies are making their Christmas lists right now. You can buy a new Ninja 1500 system for around 180 bucks if you shop careful. You can buy a vitamix for around 350 on super deals. With the vitamix you are also going to have to buy extra pieces in order to grind grain, but not so with the Ninja.

Last night a lady on my group asked if it could make rice flour? I knew it did great powdered sugar and chickpea flour but had not tried rice!

I pulled out the single serve container(great for grains,sugars)and threw in 1/2 cup rice in a minute I had flour. A bit gritty, but no more gritty then the texture of the Arrowhead Mills white rice flour.

The Ninja is used and abused in my kitchen and still works as well as it did 6 months ago. Is it as good as a vitamix? No idea. But it makes everything I could dream of, so I don't need to know. :-)

Honestly, I am so sold on the Ninja I bought the new Shark vacuum that rated better then the Dyson via consumer reports. Pretty darn happy with it too! :-)


Reagan Leigh said...

We have a vitamix but don't use it nearly enough! I also had a shark steam mop but it died after only one year of use! A month or so after the warranty was up! (So I 'm a little leery of the vacuum!) I've had a Dyson for 4+ yrs now and no problems whatsoever!

Diane said...

Start using that vitamix! Babyfood :-) The steam mops got horrible ratings! I bought a Haan and have been very happy. We returned a Dyson because it did not vacuum as well I liked LOL I think it depends on what you are vacuuming. The shark vacuums in the past got horrid ratings too- so fingers crossed the consumer reports got this model right :-) You can bet I hung on to my receipts- I hate that when things break right after warranty- like cars these days..

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