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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Turn in the Road

It seems with Abby that no sooner do we manage one area something new insists on popping up!

We think her TMJ is acting up, or the dreaded wisdom teeth. I am not a fan of wisdom tooth removal. However, if this level of pain continues for her, and it is the wisdom teeth then the removal might be warranted.

Just getting her to the dentist is going to cause a flare. Then all of the corn danger at the dentist office. Medications, sedation all has to be special ordered and/or compounded clean. All corn,soy issues, all mast issues and all Mito issues- bound to set off some issue and something we have tried avoiding.

We know a lot more about Abby and avoiding is her best option and often only option. What we are going to have to figure out is how to take on the danger and reduce the risk. The Mito protocol is more harmful then good for Abby, so we have to wing it.

The pain seems to ebb and flow, but since it has been coming and going for 3 months now and just seems to get worse with each flare, time to figure it out. Pain definitely causes her to crash so this isn't gonna work.

Fingers crossed we have learned enough to manage this process. I cannot help but think about all the perfectly healthy adults who have their wisdom teeth out and are so sick for weeks- not exactly reassuring. TMJ is chronic, so that path isn't one we want either- maybe just some garden variety sinus infection, but that would mean antibiotics which were responsible for her major gut shutdown that started project elimination. Clearly antibiotics are dangerous to Abby as well.

Thinking this isn't gonna be easy, but also thinking at least we know what to expect.

The drama of the unknown is the worst- we are not fans of drama. So we hope this is an easy fix. Better yet, no fix needed.


Anonymous said...

Oh Diane
Good luck with this. I hope no fix is needed too....
Only thing I can think to add is possibly to look at suggestions for mast cell and surgery/anaesthesia. There is info on the mastocytosis society website I believe.
Take care

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