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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Uncle Mike's Potato Pancakes

We are devoted to the potato. My children, myself, my Mother, my Uncles, My Grandmother, my Brothers. Grating part of our knuckles off is a rite of passage in our family.

Nothing makes us happier then a big plate of potato pancakes, and standby if you have all of us together- I just know we could polish off a 50 pd bag between us!

The traditional toppings in our family are; granulated sugar, applesauce and sour cream. There is a lot debate however in which order these should go on the potato pancake or which to mix.

My favorite is just sugar- of course. Abby likes pear sauce and sugar. Really we will put about anything on our potato pancakes except one thing: ketchup! That is frowned upon- as ketchup is for potato omelets or hashbrowns- NOT a potato pancake! LOL Sara is the rebel and uses ketchup, and we all groan for her rule breaking!

My Mother and grandmother always used fresh shredded potatoes for our pancakes. So that is all I have ever made for my girls. My Uncle however discovered that leftover mashed potatoes are much faster to cook, thus quicker to eat.

We all agree, they are good this way too but the controversy remains: in what order to top them is the "proper" order?

This is my Uncle Mike's FIRM suggestion of how ALL of us should be topping our potato pancakes if we want to do it the right way! :-)

Abby and I sampled the mashed potato pancake done his way, and have to agree, it is delicious and it was fast! Abby eats mashed potato's regularly so kind of handy to be able to also make potato pancakes. Of course, I still think shredded is better, but these are a very close second. We of course made the substitutions to make these safe for Abby, but I bet they taste very close to his, especially since we topped them in the "proper" order! :-)

2 cups Abby's fast mashed potato's(potatoes and coconut yogurt I posted a week or so ago)
2 eggs
2 heaping Tablespoons gluten free flour
2 Tablespoons very finely minced yellow onion(puree in the food processor is best)

Mix it up well. In a preheated frying pan add a tablespoon of coconut oil. I find cooking these slow on medium heat insures that they cook all the way through. When I scoop some into the pan I spread it a bit to make it even with the back of my spoon.

Topping Directions(rules) from Uncle Mike.

1) First sprinkle a liberal amount of granulated sugar
2) Then a generous amount of "pear"(he uses apple) sauce
3) finally top it with coconut sour cream(he uses dairy)

Some of us like a bit more sugar on top(don't cringe, I told you we love sugar!)

Overall this was winner- a terrific quick breakfast, no worse for you then a donut, and actually a bit more nutrition. We happen to like them for dinner.. or a snack, or lunch.. :-)


Jenna said...

Is this going to be your Christmas breakfast? I am always sad to see the holidays end. This year I am anxious.. we see Dr. Gibson the day after Christmas. I haven't really let myself think about it.

Diane said...

probably not, we don't usually do much for C- breakfast.. We do yorkshire pudding, prime rib etc for dinner so we tend to eat light christmas morning. I hope the appt goes well and you guys get some clear answers. I remember when we found Abby's depletion and we thought the diagnostics were done- and not even close. Hang in there, it is such a complicated process and they hardly know a thing about it still.. hoping answers for all of the Mito community this 2013. Have a terrific Christmas! Nothing like a little one opening gifts!

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