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Monday, December 3, 2012

Vaccines can cause Mitochondrial Damage-

If you live under a rock you have not have heard about the connections between vaccines and Mitochondrial disease.

If you actually go look up the side effects on the MMR on the CDC website, they actually list mitochondrial disease which can trigger Autism.

So, why do Mito kids get pushed to have more vaccines? Why won't the Government recognize they have a big big problem?

They still consider that those who have mito or autism or other health issue "triggered" by vaccines to be worth it for the potential for herd immunity.

If you look up the side effects on various vaccines you will find side effects like gastroparesis and other secondary conditions too common in the Mito and autism population..

1 in 2000 with mito, 1 in 88 with Autism- is it worth it?

The one blog I follow almost religiously is the" Thinking Mom's Revolution."

I did not even make it halfway through their post today and HAD to cut and copy this little nugget-

However, between Cedillo and Hazlehurst, Dr, Zimmerman submitted his REVISED testimony upon investigation of Hannah Poling’s condition. See Exhibit 3.

“The developing brain is especially vulnerable to mitochondrial dysfunction because of its high metabolic energy demands, and may be critically injured by marginal energy supplied by mitochondria under conditions of stress, such as infections and immune stimulation. Such cellular metabolic injuries in the brain during early childhood typically evolve over time as the child develops and may express themselves as the child grows. An analogy to this situation is birth injury followed by cerebral palsy (CP). Patients with CP may develop epilepsy months or years after the brain insult, but the original insult is still the cause of the epilepsy. This child may improve and make progress developmentally, but then later develop epilepsy or other neurological impairments (e.g. learning disorders). Thus, the time delay between vaccination, encephalopathy, and seizure onset does not preclude a causal relationship.”

Again for emphasis:

“Thus, the time delay between vaccination, encephalopathy, and seizure onset does not preclude a causal relationship.”

I have to wonder how much money the Government is spending trying to talk folks into playing russian roulette with vaccines? Or how many with Mito are still getting more vaccines when it is becoming clearer and clearer that the vaccines might "trigger" or contribute to Mitochondrial Disease?

Most times I am okay with that I was a young and trusting parent. Most days I wonder how those 40 year old parents can handle busy babies and toddlers. The advantage of being an older, wiser and more educated parent is you KNOW that every choice we make for our children has a potential negative outcome.

If I had Sara and Abby today at my ripe old age, I would do everything in my power to prevent them receiving vaccines as babies and toddlers when their immune systems are so vulnerable.

I am not anti herd immunity. In fact, I really like the idea that one day we might have the ability to wipe out diseases.

What I am horrified by is that the government thinks your child and mine are worthy collateral damage- what's a few(clearly a lot more then a few) damaged kids to keep experimenting on the masses for absolute immunity?

The last measles major outbreak a couple years ago- it wasn't the folks without the immunization that caught the measles- it was those who HAD the immunization. 86 or 87 percent if I remember right. Gosh, that is worth getting mito or autism right? NOT. For a vaccine that could destroy your child's potential or life that doesn't even work.

My BIGGEST regret as a parent was trusting those Drs,government,schools, media that vaccines are perfectly safe. They are NOT.

What really burns me? Most of this research that PROVES vaccines are more dangerous then thought is done by our Government. The same folks who tell us how safe they are. So their research proves mito, autism can be triggered by vaccines, but then you try to get compensation for the vaccine damage and they deny it. Only our Government can get away with hurting children - anyone else would be charged with criminal or at least fiscal penalties.


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