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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Can You Sleep at Night?

One of the blogs I go out of my way to read daily is The Thinking Mom's Revolution.
Today they posted a bit of wisdom from Martin Luther King which I have shared above.

Their focus is Autism, but really they offer a lot more, so much more.

What they inspire in me is that there are no answers until the questions are asked. That even the answers are NOT set in stone and will likely change with each new question.

They inspire me to ask myself the questions. I "feel" that this spike in devastating childhood diseases like Mito,autism, and more are connected. That if we were NOT so scared of our government or the almighty dollar or the social stigma of our communities we might find out that we are responsible for hurting and destroying our children. How can we possibly only focus on a treatment when we don't know the cause?

How can I care for Abby knowing something I am eating, or some vaccine, or some GMO, or some chemical I spray in my house could be causing this disease in your baby? Seems so incredibly wrong, not moral to turn a blind eye- selfish. My heart is heavy each night wondering "What am I doing to contribute to this epidemic that is rapidly destroy an entire generation of children?" I don't sleep well these days even when I know Abby is feeling better because of our change in environment and food.

Admittedly, years ago I opted to be an upstream swimmer. Which means I often walk alone. It also means that I tend to piss people off. I am not a good person to invite to a support group, or fundraiser. No blind faith in anything. I question everything including myself daily.

For every fact that we have believed over the centuries it has been proved untrue by 20 more new facts. Knowing that, how can you not question? How can we accept as a community that today's treatment won't be deemed life threatening tomorrow?

Knowing that artificial sweeteners are bad for our bodies, why not acknowledge that artificial vitamins can be bad for our bodies too? Easy leap for me to question, how about you?

Knowing that as late as the 1970's they(Medical world)were still prescribing lobotomies- which a few short years later we now recognize as torture,abuse, violent and not humane- why not question blanket treatments for Mito? for Autism? New diseases and new treatments-

Why do pediatricians and Drs. push vaccines that can cause Mito, Autism and worse and insinuate that you are abusing your child by not vaccinating, yet, think that babies that are left on their backs for 24 hours a day to the point they have flat heads, displaced brains and disfigured faces isn't child abuse and continue to encourage parents to leave their babies to become disfigured? I am horrified that instead of calling CPS on these parents they prescribe PT and head shaping helmets- What is wrong with us??? I cannot for a second imagine leaving a newborn baby to cry it out let alone abandoning a child to the point that their little heads become mashed- but that is what culture is accepting today as okay- tomorrow like the rest that will change. Maybe my instincts are way off, but I think that a flat head from not being held and loved is a clear sign of abandonment and abuse.. Somehow the Drs. don't see it that way. Yet, you better get that vaccine or you are a bad parent for asking the question.. I don't get it.

The rules will change tomorrow. History has proven that again and again. Knowing that today's facts will be proven wrong tomorrow, how in the world do you not ask the questions? I am tired of losing sleep. Aren't you?


Anonymous said...

You rock... Ours may be a bit different world but you know what I am tired of people questioning wanting to do the best for my kids. That actually the reason my son looks ok on your stupid charts is because I was spoon feeding him regularly(2-3 hours) even till now at 6. He much better at self feeding but he needs help!!! Why I did I do it because I love him and I couldn't let him starve...
Yet the hassle/stress I went through with it all was nothing short of madness.
Is there something so wrong in wanting your little boy to be ok and reach his full potentil whatever that is. He is bright and doing well but we could have lost so much through frustration at not being able to do what the other kids do easily.
Thanks for being you and sharing what you think.

Laura said...

My Will would not sleep well as a baby and toddler. We tried all the books for getting your child to sleep, asked his grandmothers. Nothing worked. One night, we were diligently following a books procedure for getting your child to sleep. We had gone in periodically to soothe him, slowly expanding the time between visits to his room. He screamed, he cried, he screamed louder, he cried louder, he became hysterical. My husband and I were sitting on the couch after about two hours of this. We were both in tears too. We looked at one another in pain and both immediately decided that book was full of you-know-what! The book went in the garbage, our son came into our bed, and we slept, all of us! He stayed with us until he was nearly 5, then we put a toddler bed next to ours for about 6 months. When he had gotten used to that, we made a production out of going shopping for his new bedroom furniture, a big boy bed! He loved his "new" room and that it signified he was now a "big boy"....

This all happened before we knew how sick he was, before we knew how his childhood vaccines had hurt his little body. But the one thing we did know, was that he needed us, he needed our help during that time. And, knowing we were there always, ready to help, has propelled him toward independance at his pace.

I read that same article and had to save it. I spread the word about food, medicine and illness more on a one-on-one basis with friends and co-workers. Some think I am full of it, but many email me for more info - they have children or family members with chronic disease and are looking for ways to heal. I am not a doctors nor do I pretend to be, but I send them information and links to get them started on the journey that is right for them. Our one-size-fits-all world is just wrong. I am the square peg they are trying to put in the round hole. My corners are a little dented these days, but I still won't fit...

Diane said...

Well Laura, dented sides are a sign that you have stuck your neck out there and aimed to do what no one else was willing to do! Wear your dents proudly!

Glad you caught the Thinking Mom's post- I thought about you when I was reading it.

Drs. and Professionals do have good knowledge, but where so many fail is by telling parents to "ignore" their guts. On somethings, parents just know better.

You make a great pt- "Independence at HIS PACE."

That is what all parents want, but don't realize that kids want it too! Given the opportunity they get there when they are ready. No pushing necessary. :-)

Have a great weekend!

Diane said...

Jo you rock! You are so willing to do what is necessary for your boys, you listen to your gut and do it!

I know Abby got as bad as she did because I refused to go with my gut! I am so proud of you!

You and your little ones are often on my mind!! :-) hugs!

Anonymous said...

Without people like you willing to share your story, thoughts, ideas then I would not have learnt like I did.
Things have levelled now but when he was little was a whole different ballgame...
Thanks for help a long the way..

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