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Friday, January 18, 2013

Have you ever played Yahtzee?

I love that game, always have.

Despite coaching from friends and family over the years I lose more often then not because I "fight" the odds.

You can analyze the probability, the statistics, the most likely outcomes and point out to me that at some point when I am losing I should throw in the towel and scratch out the yahtzee.

I cannot do it. When I play yahtzee I play for the "yahtzee" not for the win. At some point as I scratch out 4 of a kind, then my large straight I realize now I will need to roll not just 1 yahtzee to win but 2 but still knowing I am going to lose, I will turn around and scratch out full house.

Why do we so often look the odds in the face and despite a losing battle, chose to ignore the rational,the logic, the statistics?

For Hope/the Yahtzee.

To me, the underdog position is ideal. I wholeheartedly believe in the American ideal of cheering for the underdog, the pay off is huge! When everything indicates you are going to lose- not just lose but get wiped off the mat, you beat the odds.

When and if I roll that yahtzee, at that moment I have won, no matter the final score. To me the score means nothing without that Yahtzee.

All of us have heard those stories of humans beating the odds. The 90 year old Grandma lifting a car off a baby. A rock climber who gets trapped under a rock and cuts his own arm off and manages to stay alive for days until he could be rescued. The stage 4 cancer survivors.

It is about Hope. It is about our spirit and programming to survive. Maybe about a higher power. Regardless, no scientist can make that happen. No Dr. can force a patient to beat the odds, but the patient can. Not every time, and sadly not often enough. For now, we don't know what special set of situations/chemicals/emotions make these random miracles occur. When you talk to these folks about why or how they beat the odds, they don't know why they beat the odds either. What I have noticed about all of these people is that they literally drip hope from every pore in their bodies. These survivors played for the yahtzee too.

We know through Dr. Lipton that "perception" determines more then our DNA. We know through Religion that miracles happen.

Through history and experience we know you must have hope and/or faith to contribute to whatever it is that causes these against the odds scenario's.

Without Hope these notable miracles and/or statistically impossible stories of survival would not happen.

Hope and determination are required. If you give up, so will your body.

I play for the yahtzee. My overall score based on statistics sucks,but I have rolled yahtzee after yahtzee and will continue to roll for yahtzee. My life long love affair with my husband, our luck to have lived in so many cities and states, the brilliant and true friends,the constant opportunity to experience and learn new things, my double yahtzees getting Sara and Abby for daughters. Last year we rolled a triple yahtzee and Abby is doing better.

When the odds are against you,Roll for the Yahtzee!


Betsy said...

I really, really like this analogy.

Kristy Williams said...

Hope is my fuel. Every day is new with endless possibilities.

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