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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Homemade Mrs Buttersworth (corn-free) Syrup!

If you are trying or must avoid corn,chemicals, colors and other various scary things added to our food, you are going to have to throw out that pancake syrup.

Read the label on most of those pancake syrups. Most hardly have any real maple syrup! Full of corn syrup,artificial things and worse! But guilty as charged, I sure love the flavor of that junk :-)

First thing you do is find 100 percent Maple syrup(caution- some of the processing they use on the maple syrup can be corn tainted, so check out their processing practices carefully.)

After you stand in the aisle and have a heart attack over the insane price of a tiny bottle, you suck it up and bring it home.

You make pancakes. You eye that very very expensive bottle and wonder if your pancakes will be gooey enough with just a teaspoon. Nope. Real maple syrup doesn't smoother your pancakes like that chemical and corn created sweet stuff. So you have to add more. Suddenly you realize based on the price pancakes are going to be a 1 time a year affair- who can afford it more often?

IF you also are allergic to seeds,nuts, dairy,soy you have NO butter or margarine that is safe to eat. I can testify to the fact that despite the cost of that 100 percent maple syrup you are going to need to use a lot more then you thought to get gluten free, egg free pancakes anywhere moist enough to choke down.

Then finally, you taste it. Your child tastes it. Guess what? Doesn't taste ANYTHING like the beloved cheap pancake syrup you love..

We love pancakes,french toast really anything that gets to swim in pancake syrup, but after going to clean we avoid it. We just were too disappointed with the cost,flavor and lack of gooey sweetness that clean and safe 100 percent maple syrup offered us.

That is until recently. We love Lyle's golden cane syrup. Honestly, you could just use that buttery sweetness on your pancakes and it would taste more "normal" then then the clean 100 maple syrup.

We now mix 50 percent real maple syrup with 50 percent lyle's golden syrup.

It tastes like that beloved, cheap Mrs. Buttersworth- we can soak our pancakes and feel like we never gave up that bad goodness! The buttery undertones of the Lyles makes up for no butter(mostly). The cane syrup "cuts" that often overpowering maple flavor. The cane syrup behaves more like cheap pancake syrup and allows your plate to swim in moist, sweet and sticky goodness. Lyle's isn't cheap, but it is WAY Way cheaper then clean, safe 100 percent maple syrup.

Our purpose with Abby was remove chemicals, allergens and add nutrition where we could- we have no interest in adjusting to saying goodbye completely to all our old favorites, we just want clean versions.

So give it a try. A much cleaner option. Tastes sooooo good and cheaper too!

1 cup Lyle's golden syrup
1 Cup 100 real Maple syrup.

Mix and keep in the fridge. Heat up to serve with breakfast.

Feel free to reduce or increase the Lyle's.


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